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5 day pouch test

Susan B.
on 1/29/08 4:05 pm - Bergen County, NJ
RNY on 09/09/05 with
Has anyone had success with the 5 day pouch test - all protein?  first 2 days all liquids, day 3 soft protein, day 4 and 5 solid protein?  I'm doing it for 2nd time - on day 1 and ready to eat the key board!!!  But I do think it's a good way to get back on track.... any reactions?
Susan S.
on 1/29/08 5:26 pm - Marlboro, NJ
RNY on 02/16/04 with
hi susan - i'm susan too who also had surgery w/schmidt.  i'm having a rough time - and going to try the 5dpt - but right now i'm so sick with a wicked cold i can't do it.  where do you go for support?  do we know each other?  write back soon.
Susan B.
on 1/30/08 6:26 am - Bergen County, NJ
RNY on 09/09/05 with

Hi and thanks for responding!  I don't think we've met - I've been to the support groups back at Hackensack Hosp a few times - I find them too big and more of a hassle to get to (6 PM is hard for me)  I just found out about a group in Ramsey - that's closer to me - I think going regularly to a support group is very important.  I had my surgery a little over 2 years ago - fighting to loose the last 15 lbs - down almost 130 from 307 - when I had surgery (horrifying)! I did the 5 day pouch test once before - it's not easy, have to be psyched for it.   I did find it helpful and want to continue to do all 5 days this time.  I find myself having a hard time resisting pretzels and crackers - I'm not really binging, but grazing and have to stop that cycle - I think this 5 days of restrictions should help - I figure if we had 2 weeks of no food, we can do this!  I also heard of a support group in Pequonick (sp?) - where the PhD who did the Psy eval (pre op) is located - but that's a distance for me too.   Good luck - keep in touch - support is key!  (and bad habbits return too easily)!  I'm determined to do what I have to so I'm successful...can't everyyo-yo diet again (and can't afford to - all my FAT clothes are gone for good)! 

Susan B.
on 3/25/08 5:13 am - Bergen County, NJ
RNY on 09/09/05 with
Hi there, Did you end up doing the 5dpt?  I just started it today, I woke up and said "I have to gain control" - Easter through me off a little.  Just wondering if you were successful. They have support groups the first Thursday of every month at Hackensack, I'm out of town, or I'd go in April - it's a good thing to do.  Hope you're doing OK.... Susan
on 1/29/08 5:29 pm
I did it last monday - friday... loved it!! I lost 5.9lbs and actually felt skinny for the first time in a long time. I ate very well over the weekend, no carb cravings at all... and decided to do it again this week. I did modify it a tad this week but still sticking by the basic rules. I would like to drop another 5lbs . Day 1 & 2 the easiest for me... I really set my mind to it and knew I HAD to do it. The one thing that helps my hunger is warm beef broth. I like the swansons seasoned beef broth... drain the onions and drink the rest. Hot tea does it for me as well...  Good luck to you!
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Susan B.
on 3/25/08 5:16 am - Bergen County, NJ
RNY on 09/09/05 with did you modify the 5 DPT the second week.  I felt I wanted to continue and want to this time.  Today is Day 1 for me again - 3rd time.  I also find the first 2 days to be the easiest - Hoping to gain control....Easter through me off, I was eating some candy, I NEVER did that the past 2 years - so just had to stop in my tracks this morning and start the 5 days!  Drinking a protein shake now and have some broth for later.   Susan

on 1/14/13 2:47 pm - schenectady, NY


I am new here i just wanted to know how do i start the 5dpt and what do i need to do ?

Thank Doreen

on 5/20/13 4:56 pm
Can you please advise if pudding and yogurt allowed during the 2 day liquid of the 5 dot. Thanks
on 1/29/08 5:30 pm
Susan, I did the 5DPT with will thank yourself for doing it, don't give up.  I am amazed how little I can eat when I chose the right foods.  It really helped me get rid of the carb munchies. I lost 4 lbs on it but even without any weight loss I would think it successful because it helped me regain control. Good Luck!

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on 6/28/08 9:18 pm - Duluth, MN
Susan hi my name is Patty I want to try the 5DPT  again but I got terribly constipated.  I can't let that happen again any tips Thanks
.Anita R.
on 1/29/08 7:19 pm - Stafford, VA
RNY on 01/20/04 with
on 1/29/08 7:30 pm - Sartell, MN
oh my gosh! 5 day pouch test! i was required 2 week liquid diet before surgery (just had surgery 1/25/08 so this would be day 5!) and am now required to have a 4 week post-op liquid diet. after that i can move to soft proteins... then i go in for another check up so i can graduate to hard proteins. *i* want to eat my keyboard! best of luck to you all :)
on 11/3/11 8:20 pm, edited 11/3/11 8:20 pm
Please help!!!   I despiratly need to get back on track.  I was banded 2.5 yrs ago and have only lost 45 pounds. I haven't lost a pound in a year. could you help me with the 5 day pouch test. I'm going to go ahead and try what I've heard others here say.  but it sounds like we've had the same issues. If you get this in the next 5 days, please let me hear from you!
Gina Da Tx Diva
on 1/29/08 7:57 pm - Joshua, TX
I cannot say enough GOOD about the 5dpt. It literally turned around YEARS of poor behavior. If I can be of ANY assistance, PLEASE do not hesitate to ask!!








Susan B.
on 1/30/08 6:19 am - Bergen County, NJ
RNY on 09/09/05 with
Hi there, very encouraging to read.  I'm on day 2 - got through day 1 - it was rough!  Can't wait to eat a soft egg tomorrow!  Makes me feel in control again, which is a good thing!  Good luck and thanks for responding.   Curious - just what did you have for first 2 days of liquid?  I'm only having protein shakes, and broth - I see on the menus some soups w/ beans, pudding - that does not sound like pure protein to me. 
on 1/30/08 12:39 pm
Susan, I did protein shakes and broth only myself BECAUSE I couldn't wrap my mind around the fact that cream soup is allowed......I consider it a carb and for me and my pouch I needed pure protein. Congrats on the 2 listen to your pouch as to fullness, I do believe you find yourself eating less and in control.

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on 4/16/08 7:57 am - Houston, TX
I am 6 years out and have gained approx. 35 lbs. in the last 3 years.  Do you think this would help me out?
on 1/19/09 12:32 pm - Chatham, Canada
what is this 5 day pouch test and where do i find more info?

A Q.
on 1/25/09 6:21 pm - Houston, TX
RNY on 12/08/06 with except do not spell out the number 5.

its a great website and there are recipes for day 1 and 2. I am starting mine tomorrow because I have to gain control and lose these last 10 pounds that I gained in the last 4 months.



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Angela in Houston


on 5/4/09 6:54 am - Bedford, IN
RNY on 04/25/08 with
I just had my one year anniversery. My weight loss has slowed down a lot. Can someone please write down the instructions for me on how to do the 5dpt? I would really appreciate it. I see my surgeon June 1st and am 11 lbs away from my goal. I would really like to lose the 11 lbs. by June 1st.