Is it just me or does anyone else have trouble regulating body temperature?

on 3/6/08 10:44 pm - El Paso, TX
"Is it just me or is it hot in here?" is the question my mother would ask constantly when she was going through menopause.  We had so much fun laughing at her expense as she put ice down her shirt!   I am not laughing anymore because that is my constant verse except in the reverse!  I am three years out and I am constantly freezing.  My thermostat is set on 70 and I am wearing a down full length coat as I type this.  The doctor told me that it would take about a year for my body to get used tot he weight loss, but I lost all of my weight in the first year and I am still freezing!  My husband thinks it is funny but I am constantly hunched over shivering, my nail beds look blue, and people at work laugh and call me granny because I cover up with an afghan and I have two heaters in my office. I would somehow feel much better if I knew that other people were out there experiencing the same thing.  It is a sad but true statement of the human condition, but I would rather be miserable with many than miserable by myself!  Summer can't come soon enough! 
on 3/7/08 12:03 am - New Bern, NC
Hey Anniepan, Trust me, you are not alone in this condition...I too am almost 3 years out and the freeze is ALways on...Boss givin me goodnatured sh*t about running the heater year round, biker buddies dishin it too, cuz I've got my leather chaps on and its 80+ degrees outside...Just have accepted this is where I am and always have a sweater or light jacket...With A/C in the summer I still never get  to wear sleeveless or short sleeves without the heater going in my office to keep me warm enough... Oh Well, at least being cold keeps the whole body looking thinner too ... Alesia
.Anita R.
on 3/7/08 12:13 am - Stafford, VA
You are definately not alone...Most of us are freezing!  LOL Men included! It's common complaint. I wear layers of clothes all the time. It was a mild winter in VA, but I still cannot wait til summer and the heat! I am so tired of being cold.   My husband calls me a reptile...I am always cool to the touch. My body temp is only 97ish degrees too! I felt burning hot on my cycle a few days ago...I took my temp because I can't remember the last time my hands were warm! LOL  I was 98.4 and I was burning up!  LOL 
on 3/7/08 12:46 am - manchester, NJ
im always cold, especially my hands and feet my finger nails actually turn blue sometimes. seems to go with our new svelte beautiful bodies  :) good luck, jacki



Ruth A.
on 3/7/08 2:08 am - Letchworth Garden City, UK
I always have a cold nose - no kidding.
on 3/7/08 2:16 am - Green Bay, WI
I'm only 18 months out but I wear long underwear under my clothes at work and turn the heater on too. My skinny friend had the same problem until she gained a little weight -- and she didn't have WLS. She thinks it comes with being skinny -- no fat padding to keep us warm. And this has been a really really long winter. As our weathermen say, we have been either shoveling or chivering all this winter.
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on 3/7/08 2:20 am - Lexington, SC
You are definitely not alone in this, but I promise it does get better.  All of last year I lived in sweaters, fleece, jackets, socks, etc.  There were some days in the summer I was in long sleeve shirts and it was 90+ degrees out.... just incredible. In my third year, things have improved dramatically, I still get cold but not as often as I did last year.  So there is hope for us!!   Also I noticed that since taking B12 shots, I am not freezing all the time which is great.  Don't know if that has anything to do with body temperature but hey, whatever works! I use my hubby as a permanent blanket, hahah.   ~Shannon
on 3/7/08 3:14 am - Parkville, MD
My surgery was 9/17/03   I am sitting at my desk wearing thermal under wera top & bottoms, wool socks under my shoes, slacks & a mans (cause they are heavier) flannel shirt.  I also have a heater under my desk and my hands are still freezin... It has not gotten better and I no longer expect it to..... I must add that even at 360 pounds I was never one of those people who sweat alot or were hot....I got cold then too at times.....NOW I FREEZE!! Diana RNY 9/17/03 360/198/forever aiming at 180
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on 3/7/08 3:47 am - Bayonne, NJ
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I am 5 years out and constantly cold!!!! My boss likes to freeze, so it gets bad for me at work. My husband, who is thin, became so concerned about me that he brought it up to the doctor. She tested me for thyroid, circulation etc. - nothing is wrong, I'm just cold!!!! I wear a flannel nightgown at night, I have 3 quilts on the bed, and I bought an electric blanket. It's awful!  I want to move to the tropics!
on 3/7/08 4:02 am

All my life I was cold until I had WLS (3 yr postop). I think its the fat burning that keeps me warm and I am not going thru menopause as I did that at 32.....many moons ago however I am in Florida and maybe its just easier here. I have the air on but I have been cleaning and exercising since 11, its now 3 so move around and get your blood flowing.

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