What do you take for a head cold?

Tracy B
on 3/9/08 1:20 am - Erie, PA
Just looking for suggestions from others here. I have tried Tylenol Cold, but it made me feel so "loopy" for hours after taking it! So, what works well for you????

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on 3/9/08 1:54 am
Tracy, before WLS I took Sudafed.  But that is off limits now.  I use Tylenol, hot tea, extra Vitamin C, as much water as I can pour into my body and multiple hot showers. The tea has oil that helps thin out congestion.  The hot shower does the same thing, especailly after you have flooded your body with fluids, it helps 'drain' your system. For the real adventure spirit, use a baby nasal aspirator and 'snort' 3 parts lukewarm water and one part table salt.  (My GP preaches this, honest!)  It will 'aid' a river of release from your sinuses.  I do this IN the shower since it is messy.  The whole thing about a head cold, is to get the snot out of you.  This trick works. For more Vitamin C, I use an herbal product, Emergen C.  It is slighly fizzy so if all carbonation hurts you, be very careful.  I start the Emergen C at the first wiff of trouble, drinking five or six of them each day. In the end of all of it..............sleep as much as you can.   Hope you feel better! Vicky
on 3/9/08 1:58 am
I just got over a bad sinus infection that lasted for weeks...I took some mucinex since I am on allergy meds daily that took away the phelm. I found only thing that really helped me was steam...in the shower or standing in front of my teapot. If you don't have a teapot try boiling some water the using a towel over your head close to pot after you take it off the stove. Tracy, I know you are clever enough to know that but who knows who is reading this...it really did help me.

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on 3/9/08 3:47 am - Mundelein, IL
To add to your steam idea, I do the same...but add Vicks menthol to the ho****er.  Put a towel over my head and breathe in the vapors.  It really works!

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.Anita R.
on 3/9/08 7:21 am - Stafford, VA
Tracy, I use a sinus and sal****er rinse bottle that cleans out the entire sinus cavities. It's weird but it works really great. People who practice yoga use these every day. I use it during allergy seasons too to keep my sinuses clean and clear of pollen, during colds and anytime I may breath in dust or dirt... It is the best thing without a single drop of medicine.  You can also use the ancient form of the bottle I use called a Neti Pot. (They are identical in how they work...There is a demo of it in the you tube link here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8sDIbRAXlg This is the bottle my family uses for all types of allergies and sinus troubles. (we each have our own) http://www.epinions.com/content_208975990404 Just a suggestion...I SWEAR by it! Since ancient times it is practiced daily with brushing teeth!  Anita
on 3/9/08 9:34 am
Leave it to Anita...I totally forgot I use Simply Saline every morning and every nite before bed...  It's got a pointed tip nozzle on the end so you just spray it into your nostrils and tilt your head...It does work great and for 3 weeks our CVS was and local food store was out so I didn't have it. I probably wouldn't have got the sinus infection if I had it. Now I always have two in my closet. I had called Dr for antibiotic and that didn't help but when Simply Saline came in they called me, took 2 days and I was cleared...stopped antibiotic. I was too lazy to so the Neti Pot. :( 
.Anita R.
on 3/9/08 10:26 am - Stafford, VA
.Anita R.
on 3/9/08 10:30 am - Stafford, VA
I have NO IDEA what the heck is wrong with my internet! Look at that post above...????? I don't know why I keep having these weird problems!  Anyway...My post to Mirabelle went something like this in VISABLE ink!
.Anita R.
on 3/9/08 10:37 am - Stafford, VA
Okay...now I really feel like I am in the twilight zone...Now only half my post showed up AGAIN!   I will try once more and then I am gong to watch TV instead.... These invisable postings make for only psychic WLS people!  LOL ONE MORE TIME: TO Mirabelle: Do you like the Saline mist that you use? Does it work the same as the Neti Pot? Once I try something I like, I don't usually try something new unless I hear about it being really good.  Now hopefully becoming a vampire and needing other people's blood doesn't also make me a ghost writer!  LMAO!!!
on 3/9/08 11:07 am
Hey sweetpea, your interenet service may be the twilight zone...but then again its AOL!! Yes I love the Simply Saline...I drop everything and this is a aerosol can and can't break. Tip is perfect. I swear I use it every morning and night...makes a huge difference for me. ROFL ghost writer!! I am off to watch  my girlfriend as my daughter always say to me, did you watch your girlfriend today?(Oprah!) LOL
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