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Low Ferritin Iron Saturation

Ro Smiley
on 4/22/08 6:06 pm - Charlotte, NC
FobiPouch on 11/18/05 with
Thanks.  I think i will email both Dr. B and Dr. P.  They will actually respond directly to emails.  If you are getting nowhere with Diane, you may try that route.  Thanks for the input. Roberta
FobiPouch on 03/28/07 with
Thanks for letting me know. I have never tried to email them. Thanks a bunch.


on 4/22/08 6:10 pm - Mount Gilead, NC
I agree call your surgeon. I had all my bloodwork done at my RNY doc's office. I got a very formal letter in the mail with the results and the hematology appt already scheduled in about 2 weeks. That's pretty fast by in the medical world. Belinda


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Butterfly Reborn
on 4/24/08 6:54 am

B12 @ 382 is way too low.  New numbers are 800+.  Even with an agressive B12 injection treatment plan, I can't get above 904 BUT I'm no longer in danger as I was since my B12 has increased, my H&H is good (not as good as it was) and my Ferritin in on the rise.  Ferritin is your STORES of iron and we don't want to "tank out" so I prefer a good range. I hope all this information has been helpful to you. If you have any questions about B12 treatment plans, I have 1000s of hours of information!  LOL 

I have two sides to my brain - a right side and a left side.  The trouble is sometimes there is nothing left in the right side and nothing right in the left side.
Post-Op RNY 6.5 years
HW 252  GW 140 CW 140

on 4/24/08 9:01 pm - Puyallup, WA
RNY on 10/05/94
WEll, when my ferritin was 800, not one doc of 6 coulk tell me why it was or even if it was important! It took me awhile to find someone to explain it. And THEN, it wasn't a doc who sent me for tests, but somsone whose mom is dying from hemachromatosis. Had she been dx 20 yrs ago, it's easy to treat. So, she was all over me to be tested RIGHT NOW, so I was and it wasn't, but docs don't seem to know much about it, in general. Getting referral to a hema was a trick!

RNY, distal, 10/5/94 

P.S.  My year + long absence has NOTHING to do with my WLS, or my type of WLS. See my profile.

on 5/22/08 8:51 am
I just ran across this post...I am new to this.  I have been having iron infusions for years.  I have Celiac disease and do not absorb iron or B-12.  I also get B-12 shots every month.  you need to find out the reason for the low iron. As for the infusions, it depends on how much iron you need and how your doctor gives iron infusions.  Mine usually takes 4 hours but my doctor gives me pre-meds first.  I get an infusion every 6 months.  I will be getting them the rest of my life.  If you still need any questions answered, feel free to contact me. hugs, Cheryl
Big B.
on 5/28/08 11:48 pm - Palo Alto, CA
This is such an interesting thread to me.  I am going to have DS within the next 3 months or so.  Did tons of lab tests in preparation.  Even before DS, my iron is around 22, with iron saturation at only 15%.   Will this be problematic for the surgery?   I figure I should get my iron up now.  Since I haven't yet had the DS, I assume I should not take as much iron as those who are post-op.  Any thoughts on this? Julie
on 5/29/08 4:23 am - Mount Gilead, NC
I do think people that have some issues with anemia pre-op have more issues post-op. I had some minor pre-op issues. I'm 2 years post-op RNY. It took about that long to manifest. At my lab work at 1 year 18 months etc. I was only slightly anemic. I just continued to take my regular dose of iron.  I wouldn't had additional iron supplementation for you now without first talking to your surgeon or primary care physcian. Belinda


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on 7/27/09 10:58 am - Trinity , NC

How are you feeling now? 

I had been anemic last year, hemoglobin went to a 6, I got 4 units of blood, they found an ulcer, got that fixed, all was good until last week, stomache pain and weakness, my hemoglobin is good, 12.3 but ferritin is 12.3 and my iron saturation is 6, so they put me on PruVate instead of my normal iron, keeping the monthly b12 shots, and for the ulcer possibly flaring they started me back on prilocec 40 mg daily.  I go to a hemotologist 8-24-09. 

I wanted to see if your all good now and what had the best impact towards getting you there.  I'm tired of being tired!  I'm 5 years out and still glad I had the surg. My blood anemia would flare up from time to time with any child birth or surgery I ever had, and the ucler-well, I knew better than to take excederine for headaches and ulcers are common in my family.  lol Dumb me! 

Take care!
on 7/28/09 4:01 am - Mount Gilead, NC
I had iron infusions in January. I felt great after the infusions.

One month after the infusions my iron ferritin was 99.
Three months after the infusions my ferritin was 70.

Great numbers!

But now at 6 months after the infusions my ferritn is 11. The very bottom of normal range. I actually have an appt to see my Hemetologists tomorrow.

It will interesting to see what his plan will be.

Thanks for asking.



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on 7/29/09 2:54 am - Trinity , NC

I will keep you in my prayers that the appointment goes well.  Thanks for sharing what you've gone and are going through, it makes this a lot less scarey.  If you don't mind, post what happens, I pray that there is an easy and pain free fix for you!

Thanks and God Bless!
on 7/29/09 7:01 pm, edited 7/29/09 7:02 pm - Mount Gilead, NC
I will have 8 iron infusions starting on August 10.

Really the only annoying part is having the IV put in and then trying to work with it it my forearm. Last time it was 9 iv sticks for 8 infusions.

The iron will really pep me up.

Good luck with your upcoming hemetology appt.



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on 7/30/09 2:24 am - Trinity , NC
I hope things go well on 8-10, that it is painless and resolves this for you completely! 

God Bless!
on 9/5/09 12:12 pm
i am a little over 6 years post op and have struggled with anemia for quite some time.  recently my labs came back at 5.4 and 5.3 (retest because they didn't believe it) .  i had been getting biweekly b12 injections and taking chromagen.  they have now put me on 2 multigen capsules/daily. 

i am going back in on 9/21, but not testing before that.  my real concern is the fact that the dr's were REALLY concerned (called at 6;45 a.m) when they got the levels, but then when it appeared that i was functioning just fine they really weren't that concerned anymore.

i'm also wondering how i tell my doctor about the "new" b12 range.  i hate to sound like a know it all or say things like "i saw on the internet..." 

i haven't tried vitalady's iron yet.  i can see one downfall is that my insurance covers my chromagen now...but obviously that's not doing the trick.  what are the parameters generally to suggest iron infusions?

the biggest problems i'm having is chewing 5-6 44 oz glasses of  ice a day and when i stand up from having my head down i feel like  i could pass out.

i was going to put this as a new post, but since this was here...sorry to hijack ;0)
on 9/5/09 5:44 pm - Mount Gilead, NC
I use carbonyl iron  . That's the same kind of iron has the Tender Iron. I was purchasing Perfect Iron from These tablets are 25 mg of iron each. I was taking 4 to 6 a day with separate vitamin C. My dietician got samples of  the bariatric advantage iron. This iron comes in doses of 20, 40 or 60mg. The iron is feronyl. This is bariatric advantage name for carbonyl iron. This pill is also chewable and had the vitamin C already in it. It's sour but very much like a lime sweet tart. I take the 2 of the 60 mg per day and extra of the perfect iron at that time of the month.

My ferritin was 1 when I first saw the hematologist. I tried conservatively to get the numbers up with extra iron for 8 month. When I finaly had the infusions in Jan I was at a 6 or 7. He also looked at iron saturation as a indicator.

6 weeks after infusion 99
3 months after 70
6 months after 11

With a drop of that much I made an appt with hematologist. With history he opted to do infusion before it dropped any lower. I had the blood draw at the same time as a vitamin D blood draw. Gastric bypass office was not concerned with 11. But since I already have hematologist I let him handle it.

I due for 6 week labs early October.

Intersting note. The odrers for the infusions state the gaol of treatment is to maintain ferritin between 100-300.

Just because you are functioning does not mean it's not effecting you. The iron dropping sneaks up on you. I didn't realize how tired I was until I was back to normal.

Good luck


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on 9/28/09 12:42 pm - GA
RNY on 08/11/04 with
Vitalady Tender Iron (25mg Carbonyl Iron) 400 tabs/btl 1706 $15.99

Is this the one you're speaking of?

My iron saturation level is a 3 (doc said 20-50 is normal)
on 9/28/09 6:28 pm - Mount Gilead, NC 32529  info re perfect iron. 200 25 mg tablets = $4.75

I now take 2 -3 of these a day. iron-60mg.html  90 60mg carbonyl iron and vitamin C = $36.95



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Lissa Strombelline
on 1/12/10 7:16 pm - PA
10 months Post-RNY. I had my CBC, TIBC and Iron levels checked yesterday (Jan 11th), so why they saying I have to get more labs done the 14th at the Infusion?

I have been taking 650 mg of Iron for the past maybe  3 weeks I'd say.  They said my Iron was 21 in October and now its why the Infusion??
Text Me: 814 806 7861

on 1/12/10 7:34 pm
I am afraid that I have no idea why.  I was always told that my ferritin level had to be below 11 to get an infusion.  I was suppose to see the hematologist on Jan. 8th and the whole city was shut down because of snow so now I don't see him until Feb. 8.  I know I am ready for an has been six months and I am really tired.  I have never had problem comes from celiac disease.  I also take massive doses of vitamin D....50,000 units a week just to keep it slightly above normal.....same with potassium.

If I were you, I would ask the hematologist why you need an infusion.
on 5/9/10 8:20 am - Villa Park, IL
Hi all. I haven't been on this site in forever but find myself coming back again due to problems. I previously had the Roeux-En-Y(sp) back in Dec 05. I have since had issues with a very hard to find stomach ulcer that they finally corrected after much blood loss/transfusions(back in 06). I have known that my numbers probably weren't very good as I have not had access to funds for the vitamins that I should be getting but finally got accepted for VA medical coverage so had a full blood work-up. Results are as follows:

Cholesterol 135        Ref Range 0-200

Triglycerides 105        Ref 0-149

HDL 47    Ref 40 - ?

LDL 67    Goal is <130

HGB: 10.3    Your result shows anemia

Iron    TIBC 486 H    Iron 21 L    4% Saturation    Result is abnormal

Ferritin    4    Results are low, indicating an iron deficiency

My doctor is very concerned with the bottom results due to my ulcer history...plan is to do another Upper and Lower GI to make sure I don't have another bleed going on. I am taking a Ferrous Sulfate 325mg pill 3/day now care of my doc but not sure just how bad these numbers really are and how panic'd I should be.

My surgery(WLS) was a huge success for me but I seem to be enjoying the less than favorable bad effects from it as well. Weight has gone from 325lbs to holding at about 165 for the last year or so. I previously had been on meds for Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high meds for any of that post-op. I have also gone from a life of 30years in the computer field(deskjob) to highly physical work of caring for 30+ horses in a stable for the last
2 years. I know that the physical labor is helping my keeping fat low and muscle high but not sure how much of my being tired is due to the labor and how much is caused by incorrect blood lab numbers.

Any help or ideas that are nearly free(I am very close to being homeless so not the best of worlds) would be much appreciated.