on 5/25/08 8:17 am - Westminster, CA
I went to the doctor this past Thursday to finally get some answers, it was a 45 minute consultation because my original surgeons office just didn't seem to be much help. The doctor I saw Thursday was a great guy! Very understanding and is REALLY interested in helping me with my weight loss. He told me I need to get over the not eating thing because it's just as unhealthy as eating all the wrong foods. So I have been put on a 1200 calorie diet. I am forcing myself to eat and still can not reach 1200 calories so it's a big struggle. He's also recommended weigh****chers core program which I will start next week. I Just don't get it! I'm taking my vitamins like he told me to, eating food like I am supposed to, but I am not hungry and cant reach 1200 calories! any ideas would be appreciated. He says he has seen a few patients go through this same thing where they are just not hungry but what choice do I have? I have to eat..but I cant :( I have started a journal of my daily intakes so that I can show him when I see him on the 5th of June. I am eaitng more than I was before I saw him, but I still can't reach the 1200 minimum. Today for instance, it's almost 330 in the afternoon and I am eating the SAME salad I was trying to eat 3 hours ago, the whole salad with dressing is only 265 calories!  Any ideas on what to eat? Thanks!

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Not the Same Dawn
on 5/25/08 11:12 am - BEE EFF EEE, CA
So you need to gain weight? Hmm. Same as me. So I have two words for you to increase your calories: SLIDER FOODS...Stuff that is less dense than salad or meat and will go down...Cottage cheese, SF pudding, spaghetti sauce over mashed potatoes...No salad, no hard meat...You can get the protein easily enough but you need the calories and that aint in salad..
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K B (Tucson)
on 5/25/08 11:13 am - Tucson, AZ
I am sorry for your trouble, but really your problem is the envy of most everyone on earth.  We wish we were not hungry and could eat next to nothing.  But, that being said, you know you need food and HIGH quality food.  So, eating a salad with little nutrition and still munching on it for 3 hours is self defeating.  When you eat, you must always reach for nutrient dense foods, packed with protein.  If you can only eat a few bites, try a hard boiled egg.  If you can drink only a few ounces, have milk with protein powder. We have been taught that to eat a sald is what the skinny-minnys do, but really you must get the calories and nutrition your body needs to keep healthy, so look at your food choices and choose only those that will make you strong (protein) not weak (foods with little nutritional value).  Good luck.
on 5/25/08 11:56 am - Westminster, CA
I dont have to gain weight, I have alot to lose, but I have to increase the calories to jump start my system again. On average I was eating less than 1000 calories a day and my body stopped losing now I have to eat more to get working again...but I'm not hungry...

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on 5/25/08 12:07 pm - Greenwood, LA
At one point I was lucky to be getting in 800 calories, I was told by my surgeon I was not getting in enough calories.  I was told to increase my caloric intake to 1290, I weighed 129 at the time.  I was so afraid to increase it but I did.  I added some extra protein drinks and then lo and behold I started to lose again.  Now I find if I don't get in enough calories I will gain.   Also a salad really has no nutrional value to it.  Get your protein in first and work from there.  I very seldom use a salad as a meal unless I have meat, cheese, egg and chick peas in it. I load my salads up with protein.

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on 5/25/08 2:53 pm - Ft Laud, FL
I am 5 years out and was told not to count calories but to make sure I got in at least 60 - 80 proteins a day...more if your on a hard workout program. To always eat proteins first...stay away from carbs sugar ect have veggies if you have room. Also make sure you take your vitimins daily. You are getting nutrition in your vitimins and the food you eat. ....oh yes and to drink at least 62 oz of water a day. It worked for me...I lost 176 lbs in 18 mo.  I tracked my meals on and it worked great.  I had usually 800 calories a day (approx) around that anyway. When I reached goal I got off the diet some what.....just this year I find I can eat alot more than I use to. And I do get hungry.  So beware!  Enjoy not feeling hungry especially if your still wanting to loose...but make sure you drink protin drinks and get your protein in.   I am eating about 1200 calories daily and gaining....soooo Good luck to you Cha
on 5/27/08 12:09 am - Random Lake, WI
Ok, I will admit to being confused.  Your signature shows a weight in the 200's your Dr. wants you to do WW but you're trying to eat....MORE? I used to eat 875 calories per day and that was just fine.  Dr. wanted around 1,000 I think but I was more into losing than following his exact guideline.
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on 5/27/08 1:22 am

You really can't eat 1200 calories a day? OMG. I could eat that for breakfast. I need to pray for forgiveness because I sort of hate people that don't want to eat.   I know some post-ops who have had success with the WW diet, and hopefully it will work for you. Do you like peanut butter? I love it, and have had a little too much of it lately. It's got lots of protein and may help you gain a little bit - it sure works for me, even though I don't want to gain any weight.

Jennifer K.
on 5/27/08 2:01 am - Charlotte, NC
A salad has very little calories - and no protein unless you added some. I would suggest sticking to dense proteins and higher calorie foods if you are struggling... perhaps consider adding in 1-2 protein shakes to get your protein and calories up higher until you can get more thru food.  I am also rarely hungry but have a food schedule and stick to it - my current goals are to eat 1400-1800 calories a day and that is a lot of food seeing how I was only eating around 1000-1100 previously... I have to do 3 meals and 2-3 snacks every day in order to meet the minimum.  You can google 1200 calorie diets and get some meal plans online that can help you with ideas of what to eat for meals and snacks.. when I did 1400 calorie diets I found most were very WLS friendly with lean proteins, healthy fats, veggies, fruits and whole grains.

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