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Charlie Horse feeling in the stomach

Tammy N.
on 12/3/08 9:55 am, edited 12/30/08 6:09 pm - Groveland, MA

Off and on for the past month or so I have been getting charlie horse type feeling in the right side of my stomach.  Monday I really had an episode where I bent over looking into a bag on the ground and started to cough when my stomach just knotted right up in so much took me a few minutes to straighten up and kneed out the knot.. Today it still feels weak with minor cramping that I am afraid to cough, lift or do anything that may aggravate it. I am just taking it easy to see if it goes away  before I run to the doctor.  Just wondering if anyone else has something like this happen to them.

on 12/3/08 9:58 am - Grove City, Ohio, OH
tammy, I do. I get this when i am hungry. I get a charlie horse feeling around my ribs. It could also be a Calcium or potassium insuffuciency. Another thing that has done this to me is pain medication. Just a few thoughts, it is an extremley awful feeling, see if it is hunger, while increasing your potassium and calcium.

Take care
Peace and Blessings, Melinda
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Terri B.
on 12/3/08 5:51 pm - St. Louis, MO
DS on 11/29/05 with
I too have had that reaction to pain medication - so far just anything with codeine.  It isn't on one side or the other but across my diaphragm.  I'd never heard of anyone else who had this.
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.Anita R.
on 12/3/08 11:06 am - Stafford, VA
RNY on 01/20/04 with
I get this occassionally too...I thought it to be my electrolyte problems...Such as my magnesium is chronically deficient on and off again...Drives me crazy with cramps and charlie horses and other weird annoying symptoms...

But I'd get that checked by a doc if it continues!  Mine are random and infrequent...
on 12/3/08 6:26 pm - Grove City, Ohio, OH
Tammy, good luck getting a doc to answer this for you. They just look at me like I am crazy when i discuss this with them and i am a nurse. LOl They think i am  a wack job.
Peace and Blessings, Melinda
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The taste of the bait isn't worth the pain of the hook
Tammy N.
on 12/3/08 8:16 pm - Groveland, MA
Yeah I know what you mean, that is why I am holding off on going to the doctor.  The beginning of the year I was rushed to the hospital with severe stomach pain in fact probably about the same area as this (don't know if it's related) but they never found anything and made me feel like I am crazy and that is why I don't run to the doctor until it gets so bad that I have to go by ambulance or something. But then again my primary doctor lectured me that I need to see a doctor for any pain in the stomach.
.Anita R.
on 12/4/08 8:44 am - Stafford, VA
RNY on 01/20/04 with
Don't let doctors intimidate you...It's your health...what do you care if they think you are crazy just because they didn't find the reason for YOUR PAIN?  You didn't say occassional or light pain...You said "Severe PAIN!"  I'm sorry sweetie, you need to put yourself above your insecuries and grow thick skin because when it comes to your health, you are ultimately the one responsible if things get worse because you were afraid of being thought of as some crazy woman. 

Let them think you are least they will know you are serious and you believe it...EVENTUALLY someone will get off their butt and help you, but it has to start with you! 

Get healthy!  I wish you much luck!
on 12/4/08 5:54 pm - Catlettsburg, KY
I have had every test to figure mine out and NOTHING!!! Doc came to a conclusion it was where my ports were there...WHATEVER.....Oh well if anyone has an answer let me know!
.Anita R.
on 12/4/08 6:20 pm - Stafford, VA
RNY on 01/20/04 with
Hummmmm???  I had open ports!  I still think my spasms are magnesium (or other electrolye troubles such as potassium) deficiencies...

Mine happen infrequently and only started when I began having nutritional problems at year 4...

Maybe it's related or maybe not???

I did find this old (2 years ago) discussion though...and thought you all might find it interesting....,5491/ca t_id,5091/topic_id,3044806/a,messageboard/action,replies/
on 12/7/08 4:07 pm - Nebo, KY
I have been having alot of problems with my stomach.  I had my gastric bypass 8 years ago by Dr. Bolar and I need my medical records of that surgery before they run a scope to make sure everything is ok.  I'm not sure how to get them, if anyone could help me, I really, really need. it
Thank You!
on 11/28/10 8:03 am
It's easy to get medical records and they are YOURs.  You simply go into the office and verbally request them.  They may have a document request for you to sign.  If they give you a problem, you send a written request.  In most states I think they have 21 days to respond and they can charge you something like .50 cents per page for like 10 pages, then it's like .25 cents or less depending on that.  The only reason they may be difficult is that usually when one is requesting records the doc's office things they are possibly getting sued.  But in any event, by law, they have to turn over your records to you or you can have them mail them to the doctor that is requesting them.
on 12/10/08 7:33 pm - Richlands, NC
I get these cramps also...  I went to my WLS and he thought it was gall bladder related (I did have gall bladder problems at the time also) so he took out my gall bladder.  I didn't have any episodes for a while so I figured that was it.  Well about 2 months ago I started having them again, sometimes when I stretch, sometimes when I cough and sometimes when I'm doing nothing at all...  Never when I'm hungry.  My doc just looks at me strange, we've tested everything we can think of.  I had RNY lathroscopic in 2002 (so I'm over 6 years PO)...  Dunno - ugh!  Hopefully we'll figure it out.  I'll be watching this board to see if you figure out anything...

Thanks for making me feel not so crazy!  lol!

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Tammy N.
on 12/11/08 7:01 am - Groveland, MA

Yeah 2 years in a row I ended up in the hospital with the pain so severe I couldn't sit up. They tested me for everything possible. They ran tests on my gallbladder that I had out back in 1996 and I looked at them strange. I guess they said even though you have your gallbladder out there can still be stones in the ducts or something but that checked out ok.  The first time around they did find an ulcer and the the second time around no ulcers nothing but still had the pain.  I have no clue, I think it might be something mysterious  that we just have to live with, so far I am still alive but in misery most of the time. I know it's something to do with the surgery because I never had the pains like this before. 

Tammy N.
on 12/30/08 6:09 pm - Groveland, MA
Just wanted to give an update...I went to my surgeon for this pain on December 23rd.  She gave me a lecture to quit smoking that the pain will never go away until I do.  Also she gave me prevacid samples and prescription for prilosec. She told me the charlie horse type pain was probably from me pulling a muscle when I bent over and coughed.  Well I have to say the prevacid is helping, I haven't had the severe pain that I did so I must have an ulcer again.  I go back in February for my yearly followup so I will see how things go by then. 
on 2/17/09 4:27 am, edited 2/17/09 4:28 am - buffalo grove, CA
I get them too the docs never can figure it out.
all over. full attacks.  so bad I want to call 911
they usually start in a calf, then as I'm dealing with that one it starts in the other one, then may start anywhere else, sometimes in my arms or hands, just lately in my stomach when I sit up wrong, or even  my entire body goes into a full on attack. 
It's a sudden attack although I have learned how to sense when its coming on.
certain things I do sets it off.
stretching in the morning
wearing boots or high heals
using muscles that I don't use regularly
I also find that during these attacks I have to pass gas.
there have also been times when on the onset of one of these attacks I become somewhat disorientated, a bit out of myself, sometimes dizzy, & sometimes start sweating profusely too.
So anyways, I personally know it has something to do with my surgery.
my doctors are all idiots & have been trying to figure it out for 3 years,
The doc that performed the surgery, well he just knows how to get it done, not much about what to do once it is.
so if anyone knows what this can be please hit me up.
Caryn Moss
Caryn Moss
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on 6/23/09 9:24 am - Columbus, OH
 Wow. I just happened to google the question about the spasms and decided to join this website group, don't know why I didn't do it sooner!  I really appreciate reading all the replies, I, too, thought I was nuts and I work in an ER, my partner is a nurse and everyone just seems to blow it off.  It is the oddest thing.  The spasm seems to be near the surgery site, mine is also under the right breast but in the last few months has sometimes spread across the upper abdomen.  It comes and goes, mostly seems associated with bending a certain way, coughing, sneezing, sometimes it doesn't seem to be related to anything, it just happens!  I have to push my back a certain way, stretch or stand up, eventually it subsides.  My bloodwork levels are all fine.  I haven't had any plastic surgery and would like to, but of course money / insurance issues and my partner doesn't want me to due to risk (medical professionals are the worst related to this!)  I don't have a huge amount of skin, but there is enough still causing rolls in the front (my surgery was 2001, was 320 and now hover at 180 most of the time), so maybe it's connected to that?  I have no clue and the medical profession seems at a loss, all tests are fine.  Thanks  so much for the postings, it really helps me feel less alone and verifies that, yes, this does really happen, we all can't be wrong or imagining something!!
on 11/28/10 8:11 am
WOW!  I too just joined this site because I googled "Charlie Horse pain in stomach" and I landed here and read.  I have been thinking for the last year that I possibly had the return of some hernias which I had repaired post surgery.  Teflon mesh was placed in my stomach and I thought it was related to that.  

As far as the cramping in legs, folks, or bad restless legs syndrom,  I also had this condition coupled with intolerance to cold, I was freezing in 80 degree farenheit temps.  Coincidentally, at that time I had an appointment with my GYN who I didn't mention this to.  They routinely checked my blood - asked me if I was ever anemic.  Responded no.  They retested and said that my RBC was extremely low.   They sent me to a a hematologist/oncologist who said I had the 2nd worst case of anemia he had ever seen.   Anyway, I had to return and have a bag of Iron hung, took all day long and within 24 hours the horrible restless legs went away as well as the leg cramps. 

Now, if we can figure out the stomach pains, that would be awesome.  Never even thought of a vitamin or mineral deficiency...Thanks folks!
on 7/7/09 11:44 pm
 I am 28 years old and have never had WLS but I have had my left ovary removed through ovarian cancer. I had an ulcer and then started having these problems. I honestly believe this is ulcer related. 
Robin Holmes
on 8/14/09 3:35 pm - North Charleston, SC
Hello all,

I haven't been on this page in a really long time because I didn't want to post negative things about the wonderful gastric bypass surgery I received.  I have however began to have the symptoms listed on these posts.  I have had ERCP, exploratory laproscopies, endoscopies, and now I'm scheduled to have a Sphinter of Oddi plasty on Aug.20th.  My doctors (Dr. Morgan and Dr. Byrnes) have tried everything in there power including medications for ulcers, acid reflux, pain meds, surgeries and much more to resolve my problem but it's still here and is starting to get more intense.  It all began with a slight cramp like pain in my lower right side, it slowly became more intense, lasted longer and turned into full charlie horse like gripping pains that literally had me balled up in the fetal position crying and trying my best to squeeze my stomach and massage the pain away.  I noticed that it happens either when I sneeze, cough, bend over, or do nothing at all.  It has awakened me from a deep sleep at least twice as well.  I constantly contacted my doctor each and everytime it happened because the pain (though it only last a few seconds to a minute) is immobilizing!  I live in constant fear that I'll be driving on the highway with my children when it hits one day and I told my doctors I can't just ignore this due to that reason.  I am praying that this will fix the problem once and for all.  I have printed this post for my doctors to see.  I truly believe that if the pain returns after this surgery, I am going to get a lawyer and file a lawsuit.  I will be sure to contact each of you linked to this post in the event I begin the suit.  Thank you all for being so brave and discussing this matter.  I thought that I was the only one and was loosing my mind because the doctors were acting as if this was brand new to them.  I am convinced from this post that it is surgery related and some sort of flaw in the way the surgery is done.  I look forward to speaking with you all soon and hopefully giving you all a wonderful update on how to fix your problem as well.  Wish me luck!

Tammy N.
on 8/19/09 5:17 pm - Groveland, MA

I wish you luck for tomorrow...I would be interested in knowing how everything goes, as for me I am still battling this mysterious abdominal pain near my belly button up to the upper right side around to my back.  I went to my surgeon again today and she set me up with yet another endoscopy to see if I have an ulcer and I am back on carafate. If nothing shows through this then she will set me up with an MRI.  Also she would not give me anything for the pain except she gave me a sample of 3 celebrex in case the pain I have in my abdominal muscle that could have be strained. I won't be taking the celebrex until after they confirm whether or not that I have an ulcer just in case this causes one and then they won't look further into the real cause.