abdominal pain after eating raw veggies/fruit

Alice H.
on 6/29/09 11:51 pm - Winterville, NC
Hi all, ..

I've been eating more raw veggies and fruit lately since there are so many of my favorites in season now.  The problem is that I've been experiencing more abdominal pain and cramping afterwards.  I'm just wondering if any of you post-ops have had similar problems....

Thanks for any feedback you wish to share.

Alice in OneDerland
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on 6/30/09 12:59 am - NC
I had eaten 3 grapes three month after the surgery and i think i was dumping four six hours so i dont eat fruit because im scraed of dumpin again. but i have tried to eat chicken any type like broil, baked, canned, grilled, chopped, dices, blinded and no way can i  have it fried.when i eat chicken it  really hurt it feels like the food will not go down and it feel stuck in my my pouch if u can understand that . then in 15 mins  it comes up and that is painful so i don't eat chicken, pork,rice,bread,sweets,trukey, steak, fruit and any thing that is hard to chew.  before the surgery i hated veggie and now that is all i eat . i was never a salad person but now im in love with salads i dont like ham or chicken on them just crumbled up bacon. some times i feel stuck with very little choices  to eat but im ok with that because i really want to lose the weight so i dont complain. im sorry that i was not much help but i just want u to now ur not alone.

Alice H.
on 6/30/09 1:30 am - Winterville, NC
Thanks for the info.  I haven't had problems with anything coming up... it's just bad, gas like gut pain.  I haven't had this problem with other foods. 
Alice in OneDerland
H:260 G: 135 
C:145 L: 131 BMI: 26 H: 5' 2 1/2" 
RNY 10/07  LBL 11/09
Alyson M.
on 6/30/09 10:52 am - Dennis Port, MA
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I have been having a similar problem, my entire stomach hurts after eating and I get nauseous. From what I have noticed it happens after I eat fruit, veggies, and dairy. I have been taking gas-x and tums for the acid indigestion and gas pain and it does help somewhat, but I think I will be making a trip to the surgeon to make sure it isn't something more serious. I feel lucky though, this is my first problem I've had and I am 5 years out. If anyone has any feedback it would be appreciated.

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Not the Same Dawn
on 7/1/09 6:06 am - BEE EFF EEE, CA
Can't say I've had that problem but it would concern me enough to check on it with my surgeon or PCP.. I eat 4-5 servings of various fruits and veggies a day. I did have some gas the other day...not sure if it was the handful of grapes I had or the sausage...It's not a constant problem with me.
Yes, RNY worked for me but it also requires a lot of work from me!

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