Welcome to maintenence Me!

on 3/29/12 5:05 am - Naples, FL
Hello all - My name is Shayne and just wanted to introduce myself. I used to post on the VSG forum all the time, but I think it is time I move on. Why my ticker doesn't show that I reached "goal" yet I am happy with where I am at. I continue to lose and if I get to that magic number thats cool too, but as far as I am concerned I have arrived.

So before I got surgery I dreamed of being skinny. I used to be skinny up until a little after High School when it all went down hill. I had my surgery and did what I was supposed to do and lost tons of weight. I am very proud of my progress, however being skinny is no longer my goal. I am beginning to body build to be the person I have always wanted to be - fit and attractive. My excess skin is so so especially around my belly but its something I will have to live with for the time being as I am returning to school to pursue my career as a Pharmacist.

I am blessed with a bigger sleeve than most. I still stay away from pasta, rice, potatoes, white bread, and other evil carbs. The challenge of trying to bulk up is that you have to eat. If you don't eat you don't bulk. I eat every few hours to keep my metabolism up and I hit the gym 5 days a week. I alternate arms and legs and abs every other day and do a half hour of cardio every day. I have already begun to see great results.  There are not that many bariatric bodybuilders out there on google so this is a trial and error type of thing for me.

So I am here and look forward to sharing my continued success!


Plastics - Extended Tummy Tuck - February 6th 2013