Halloween before and after!

on 11/4/13 4:48 am

Hey everyone!

I hope your Monday is going well so far. I have been super busy (what else is new) but thought I would take a few minutes out of my work day to share some of my photos with you all. I have been doing well maintaining my 170 lb weight loss but MAN....THIS SH*T IS NOT EASY! The most challenging part of this whole journey has been maintenance. I swear my body is fighting me to be at a heavier weight but I am a fighter and not letting it happen. It's a daily struggle but I am healthy and that's what matters most!


I was a "Coven Witch" for Halloween this year!

Wow...It's still crazy to see me in a group photo with my girls. I was always the friend in our group who was drastically larger than everyone else. It blows my mind everyday. (My partner Lesa who is dressed as Peter Pan had RNY 8 years ago!)



Halloween 2013 vs Halloween 2009    

Halloween 2013 vs Halloween 2009. ALSO...my partner Lesa had RNY 8 years ago (2005) and has maintained her 130 lb weight loss!

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