Enlarged sleeve and possible revision surgery!

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I was sleeved in 2012 with a starting weight of 208 - lost 60 lbs, lowest weight ever was 145, now up to 160. I've noticed I can eat so much more, so went to my surgeon. He did an upper GI and found out my sleeve had enlarged over time. UGH. Apparently, it happens...though they don't tell us this when we sign up. I asked him why....did I overeat, did I stretch it? He was very vague and said it was hard to say, probably not, but it was just how my body reacted to the surgery. Now, I have the choice to do nothing and probably keep gaining weight, or to try to get a revision, which he is not sure my insurance will cover. So......feeling blue and confused. So, naturally, I asked what would happen if I did end up getting the revision surgery....would I be back again 4 years later with an enlarged sleeve? And he said "we really don't know." Has anyone else had this experience?

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There are a few people on the DS forum over the years that have had a VSG and then get switched to a DS (the DS is actually a VSG with a duodenal switch). It's harder to resleeve the stomach-due to scar tissue. But you are only 160....maybe if you try to get back on track...you could take of the 15 lbs?

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Our capacity can increase as the pouch or stomach mature. 

Making good choices - proteins +fat + non starchy veggies can help lowering the calories and losing weight. 

I am 8 years Post op RNY. I have days that it feels like I can eat a lot. I don't. And if I do get hungry I try to limit my food choices , I.e eat a grill chicken with some non starchy veggies would make me full and it does not "cost me " a lot of calories.  Sure - popcorn or chips my body may want - but chicken or other meat it will get. 

At this point - you can stop the weight gain and lose the regain by making smart choices. It is not easy, but it can be done 

I can't see insurance company, even if they covered it, any insurance company approving revision because you gained 15lbs. 

Start really looking at your food choices , measure and record what and how much you eat.  Good luck. 

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Why would you keep gaining weight? Everyday people lose weight with normal stomachs, why can't you? I would be more understanding if you were gaining rapidly, for no reason and had a bmi over 35 ( I don't know how tall you are). I'm 160 at 5' 5" and my lowest weight was 135. I have started tracking what I eat and working out, I wouldn't just automatically lean towards surgery after only gaining 20 or so pounds.

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I thought I had responded to this before, but I guess I didn't. 

I had my surgery in 2008, and after hitting goal, I hit bottom in my life and went from 145 back to 235.

On 15OCT16, I was where you are.  I talked to my surgeon.  He told me to get a barium swallow and EGD, and send him the results for evaluation.  Meanwhile, I decided to get back into the swing and on the wagon.

Since the 15th of October, I have lost 22 pounds.  During my EGD today, I got to see a tiny, perfectly pink, VSG tummy.

If you haven't delved back into the post-surgical diet????

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Pouches stretch but sleeves don't stretch though do get bigger as they heal. The size of the restriction varies with the surgeon, which sounds like what happened in your case.

The surgeon uses a tool called a bougie. The bougie creates a bulge inside the stomach that the surgeon uses to guide the stapler before removing to excess stomach muscle. The usual size range is from 32-50F (1 F "french" = 1/3 mm) If a larger bougie is used, the resulting sleeve will be larger but the risk of leaking and other post op complications will be lower. 

But the sleeve size is also  effected by the surgeons stapling and sewing.

Have you tried a "reset diet" ? This is usually 3-4 meals ~6 oz each containing  3 parts protein: 1 part low calorie carbs. Even if you need more that 6 oz to feel full, limiting yourself to three meals a day might make all the difference.

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It's dysfunctional to go through a very risky revision  surgery to lose less than 50 pounds. Take this decision very seriously

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