9 yrs out and gained back 80 lbs since 2015

on 2/11/18 9:22 pm

Need encouragement and advise. No motivation and I hate my self for going back to the old me. Feel like a failure. I am 30 lb away from before my gastric bypass. I over eat due to bordem and cravings. I hate exercise. HELP ME PLEASE!

on 2/21/18 6:24 pm - Saint Paul, MN

I have also gained 80 lbs back and feeling really crappy about it lately! So you aren't alone! I'm 7 years out. I have spent some time the last few days going over the eating rules and stuff. Going through the binder I kept through my weight loss journey. Tomorrow I'm hoping to kick myself in the butt and start following the rules again!! You can do it too!!

Lois M.
on 2/26/18 5:15 am - Anchorage, AK

I had gastric bypass in 2001. I started at 292 pounds and only lost to 220. Over the years I gained weight until I got to my highest ever weight of 317 pounds which means I gained back all the weight plus reinforcements. I saw a nutritionist after and lost down to 220. Again over the years I gained back to where I hovered around 260 to 275. This January I decided to get serious. I was 275 pounds. I started counting calories, eating mostly protein and using my fitness pal. I have a fitbit and started walking. I started with getting 2500 steps in. Now I am up to 20,000 a day. I have lost almost 23 pounds. If I can do it, you can do it. It isn't easy. The reason I gained back the weight was because I am a grazer and had some horrible habits like drinking soda and eating in bed. I also started by giving up soda. If I really want one, I will allow myself one but I seldom want it anymore. I stopped eating in bed for the most part. Before surgery I had done everything right. I went to all the support groups. i had therapy. I researched the surgery. I talked to people who had it. You are not a failure. You are only a failure if you give up. You got this. You can do it. The pouch is still there. I still allow myself some chocolate or some other treat if it fits within my calories and after I get protein in. Many people don't like exercise including me. I was pretty much a couch potato. I like though how I have more energy because of it. I like that it burns fat and makes my heart work more efficiently. I like the health benefits. I hope this helps.

on 2/27/18 3:55 pm
VSG on 08/04/14

Was there something specific that motivated you? I can't seem to get any momentum. I start my days off well and by 3:00 it starts going down hill.

                 HW-- 322     CW--203

on 3/1/18 12:25 pm

Are you waiting for 30 minutes after eating to drink anything?

In my 6 and a half years since surgery, I weigh myself every day. If I am above the number I set for myself, I cut out all carbs till I loose 10 lbs. Then I try to watch but if I gain back the 10 pounds, I cut the carbs.

I hope this helps.

on 3/6/18 8:29 am

Every day is a struggle for me too. I consistently eat 350 calories too much and so I am 35 pounds more than I want to be. It is so easy to over eat a little every day. I spoke with a therapist once about eating out of boredom. She recommended keeping a to do list handy of things to do when I am bored. It actually does help a little. Also keeping trigger foods out of the house helps. Incorporating more movement into life is helpful too. For me it would be as simple as eating 175 calories less and moving 175 calories more. That sounds so simple and yet is so hard for me to do. Best of luck to you with your journey. take care, Tri

Cyndie B.
on 3/9/18 6:09 am

Let's be accountable....

Kim W.
on 3/21/18 1:37 pm - Severn, MD

I am a RNY graduate - I had my surgery back in 2002 - I lost approximately 125lbs. Today I weight 176 and 2 months ago I weighed 202. The 202 scared me - as I didn't want to see 265+ again. I am on a program that is working wonders for me - it's BeBalanced Hormone Re-balancing (it started in Pennsylvania) here in Maryland. It's similar to HCG diet (which I did and I got down to my previous weight of 158/160- which is the weight I was able to maintain) but you do get more to eat and more variety (all stuff you get at the grocery store- but clear - organic. This BeBalanced program works - and you get immediate results - which let me tell you if I don't see the scale moving I get depressed and I will not be compliant. I personally don't think I'll get down to the low 150's again and be able to maintain it, but I can say I love how I can fit into my 10/12's again :) Do some research and see if this program seems good for you - actually my doctor is very excited with my results as she wanted me just to get below 200 and I surpassed that quickly. Personally I think she wants to try it too! :)

No exercise - actually they make you refrain from it :)

The key is you are catching yourself before it's totally out of control. I keep an old picture of me handy to remind me where I have come from and reminding where I don't want to go again!!