Loose skin?

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on 1/8/10 7:32 am
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I haven't had my surgery yet. Having VSG Feb 24. Anyway, I have been looking at some plastic surgeons sites to see how difficult it will be to combat loose skin after weight loss, but everyone they use as an example is 50 years old!

Has anyone here noticed that their skin did better because we are younger? Does anyone have any photos posted?

I know I will have SOME loose skin (especially on my stomach which is my biggest problem area), and I am actually ok with that, but I'd like to know if it looks less crazy when your skin is a little younger and has more elasticity.

This is the only part of weight loss I am kind of dreading. I have learned how to hide fat in clothes- but I don't know WHAT to do with droopy skin flaps!

Thanks for any info!


on 1/8/10 8:05 am
HI! i've been wondering the same thing, i havent had surgery yet either, i'm guess younger skin is more resilient and will for the most part go back? My husband's co-worker was in her 30's when she got her surgery, and has had 2 surgeries after just to fix her skin.
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Hey Kate-

Honestly- it just depends on how you carry your weight and how well you work out and tone up after surgery... some people bounce back to where they dont feel they need surgery and some (like me) just need to have some work done. I carried most of my weight in my stomach and arms, but have always have pretty toned legs so with a little leg work at the gym they bounced right back to shape. However- i am currently looking into plastics for tummy tuck, arm lift, and breast lift (im 18 months out). Everyone has a different skin story and youre just going to have to wait and see how you personally look and feel after you are to a weight you like :) Good luck with everything!!


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on 1/8/10 12:49 pm - Rochester, NY
im a mess a hotttt formally almost 400lb deflated fat skinned droopeed mess...my tummy makes everything else seem not so bad but my tummy is the most screwed i still have another 50lbs to lose before i look into plastics we will see dont let it discourage you though you would be amazed how well you can hide this **** too ;)






on 1/8/10 2:30 pm, edited 1/8/10 2:30 pm - Ewa Beach, HI
I thought the same, everyone including my docs would tell me oh youll be fine, your young and your skin will bounce back. Well I guess thats not the case when youve been big most of the time I guess. Ive had a tummy tuck done bout 2 years ago. Then a small revision to remove my lil dog ears that I had. Then was supposed to do a semi back and then a butt lift but my doc had retired on me. That was a sad day for me. I eventually wanna get it done but imma just wait till my body fat % goes lower. Feel free to view my pics and leave comments =) Srry I havent updated in a really long time. More to come. Good luck on your surge and im sure youll do fine!

Yall ever haev question or any sort feel free to email me I will be ever so glad to help in ANY way I can.

Have an awesome day!









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on 1/10/10 4:26 am - Athens, AL
I asked these same questions when I was pre-op.  Honestly, I was 26 yrs old when I had my surgery (RNY) and I have lost 140lbs as of today, (im not quite a year post op yet, will be 2-2-10) and I have skin.  Mainly in my belly cause that was my biggest area.  My upper thighes are a little baggy, and so are my upper arms.  Ya know what though...

I couldnt care less about it!  I thought I was trading one bad thing (the fat) for another (the skin) and i had issues with that until the weigh came off me...ya know its a fair trade.  If you do have loose skin, who cares! Its great to be able to be outside in 100 degree weather and not thing OMG im gonna die its so hot!  cause your not so big that its uncomfortable...(that was my biggest issue, i hate heat...until now, i love summer time!!)

If you are TTC.  when you hit that point and u look at ur tummy, which will have baggy skin, but will also revel to your, your oh so cute baby bump....you wont care one bit about the skin...I PROMISE!!

trustme.. i was in the same boat a year ago!!  ITS A GREAT JOURNEY AND YOULL BE SO HAPPY TO BE HEALTHY NOTHING ELSE WILL MATTER!  besides...if all else buy a good set of spanx until you can do plastics!
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on 1/11/10 1:47 am - Mexico
hi, this is def the most comun cuestion.. and let me tell you that any lose skin will worth it!!!!!!.
my arms looks awful!!. but it looked that way even before surgery.  so don´t worry about that.
my belly ehhh i have a small pani n a bit of celulitis. i wanna get a tt but i would live if i don´t.
and i would also like to get my uper tihgts done. but i also will live if i don´t do it. soo.
im getting my brachioplasty(armlift) this february 5th. i've been wanting this for a very long time now. 
if you wanna see pics of my arms and belly i have some at my BEFORE AND AFTER almbum, you have to be my friend to be able to see them. so send my a friend request. : ).
there is this girl who is very sweet n helpful. she just posted some after plastic pics. i know she wouldnt mind if  u look at her pics. she is looking great. http://www.obesityhelp.com/member/sensdncr86/
good luck!

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