melatonin before surgery?

on 7/14/11 11:55 pm - MA
 i went to the surgeons office for my pre admission stuff, and they took a look at all my supplements and told me to stop taking them a week before surgery cause they dont know the effects of them with anethsthesia.  i forgot to ask them if i could take a melatonin drink...  i just cant sleep these days, with anxiety and lists in my head.  what do you know about this?  should i call them, or does anyone have facts for me that this is safe to do?

thanks so much for all your help during these days before surgery.  i know after surgery i'll be full of even more questions!
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Jody ***
on 7/15/11 12:36 am - Brighton, MI
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I'd call them, but my guess is they're going to tell you to stop that too, since it is a supplement and they probably don't know how that will affect you either.

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on 7/15/11 1:26 am
 I took arginine- ornithine to help me heal .   I had no shame or  reservations about sneaking it into the hospital (  aren't  sneaking forbidden treats  what  friends are FOR  lol ?!  ) .. and I was ABSOLUTELY  FLOORED    when my DOCTOR  gave me the same thing to drink  in a kinda-shake post op ... 

My estimation of him went up  a thousandfold .  

Personally I dont think  amino acids are going to affect  U one way or the other ..but U HAVE to take the stuff out of the capsules  and swallow it with water .   Arginine - ornithine also helps U sleep  .. Id  take that over melatonin  at least temporarily .   Why don't U try it now  before U r op and see if it helps ? 

Post op .. theyll giveya GOOD DRUGS  dont worry Ull be dreaming  without help ;) 
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on 7/15/11 1:34 am, edited 7/15/11 1:39 am
 I stopped   my vitamin C  and my gummy sour chewable multi vitamins   3 days before my operation because  they thin the blood and promote uncontrolled bleeding ... but i started taking them ( in chewable form )  the day after  i came out of  the ER .. again   just a bit at a a time though...  

i figured theyd help me heal .   

For what its worth  hardheaded  me has been as healthy as the proverbial horse since my operation  two and a half years ago .   Mentally  ..I may be  a mess  but physically a bikini- wearing SPECIMEN lol    Thank God for having  mercy  on fools and babies sometimes I suspect I'm both .. 
Kermit P.
on 7/15/11 8:14 am
I take melatonin too occasionally and I think they said no for 5 days may wish to call them....I know this is a tough WANT to sleep before your surgery and get lots of rest yet with your impending anathesia you also don't want to take any risks......

good luck!
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on 7/15/11 11:20 am - MA
 interesting.  i've been doing some reading online, and some sites have said they want patients to have some melatonin the night before surgery.  one site said they were doing a study on children going in for surgery.

i guess the only way to know for sure is to call the doctors office, though they admitted to me they just dont know how some supplements react.  they havnt done the studies.

i guess i need to call my PCP to get some 'real drugs'.

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on 7/15/11 11:21 am - MA
 thanks, everyone!  i guess i need to call my PCP for some drugs ;-)
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Price S.
on 7/15/11 11:44 am - Mills River, NC
Just know that you may have to stop the "real drugs" before surgery also.  Dr went through my list and told me when to stop each one.  Some were sooner than others.

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on 7/15/11 11:48 am - MA
 thanks, price.  well, the surgeons assistant told me to call my pcp if my anxiety got too high, that i shouldnt have to live with high anxiety and no sleep for 2 weeks.  i would hope my pcp would know which could be used and which cant.  i would hope.  sigh.
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Kermit P.
on 7/15/11 12:45 pm
One thing I have learned about all of this, is you combine what the dr says, what you research, and then do what feels right with a combination of the above and your own insight.  Hopefully you can receive some guidance from your drs and go from there....
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