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Granddaughter - OT - Swinging Needed

on 4/7/12 4:35 pm
Some of you may remember that my DGD#1 broke her arm a couple of months ago.  She got out of her cast 2/24/12. 

She was coloring Easter Eggs this morning sitting on a bar stool and fell off.  She broke the same arm in two places close to the previous break.  It was a very bad break.  The ER doctor set it the best he could and stabilized it.  The X-rays show that the bone is barely connected.  She will have to go to the orthopedic doctor Monday or Tuesday and he will decide if he needs to reset it or if she will have to have surgery.

Children get over things so quickly.  She was up playing this afternoon.  When she woke up after they tried to set it, she said "Oh, another cast."  Daddy, Mommy and the grandparents don't get over it quite so fast!!  It has been a wild day today.

I was doing my morning walk/run when my DS called me to tell me to come to the ER in another town.  I told DGD#1, that she helped grandma make the fast time in a long time!!  I was running back to my car.

Please keep her and her parents in your thoughts and prayers and that they will not have to do surgery on her little arm.

Thanks everyone.

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on 4/7/12 4:58 pm - VA
 Oh, poor sweet baby! Sending up prayers, Linda.


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on 4/7/12 5:08 pm - IN
Prayers sent to all, and that she heals quickly.
on 4/7/12 6:07 pm
Saying prayers and swinging cats and dogs!!!

Hope she heals fast.


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Panda ..
on 4/7/12 7:01 pm
How awful. Prayers for her. I'm glad she's taking it so well.

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on 4/8/12 3:22 am - Suffern, NY
I am so sorry to hear this and am thinking about her.  I do want to make a suggestion though- see if she can get her vitamin D checked and possibly calcium also - I dont know if they will do a PTH  on a child but if she is getting such severe breaks at such a young age there may be some problem - vitamin D deficiency could be rickets, if she doesnt get enough calcium in her diet. All this could be affecting her bones.

A PTH, calcium and vitamin D test might be worth having done - atleast the calcium and D - also phosporus might be a good idea also.  

I just want to prevent any problems for her in the future.

good luck.  Maybe they can put her on some vitamin D and make sure she drinks alot milk


on 4/8/12 4:50 am - Madison, GA
Oh dear!  Praying for quick healing and no surgery!  Ya'll may need to wrap her in bubble wrap for a while!

Sending happy thoughts....
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Price S.
on 4/8/12 4:57 am - Mills River, NC
Certainly sending prayers and swinging everything, but I agree with time for some testing to be sure there isn't something else going on that needs attention.

I remember DS going to the ER 3x in 10 days.  I knew someone was going to call DSS on us.

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Jody ***
on 4/8/12 5:20 am - Brighton, MI
RNY on 10/21/08 with
Linda - swinging crittes for her.  How awful she has to go through this again. 

I know it seems to be harder on the parents/grandparents.  When my DD was 4 she fell down the steps and gashed her chin open - I was a mess - she bounced right back.

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on 4/8/12 7:46 am
VSG on 04/28/11 with
Prayers sent!!!!!
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Kermit P.
on 4/8/12 10:37 am
Healing prayers being sent!

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on 4/8/12 1:37 pm
Thanks for all the well wishes!!  Y'all are great.

Her parents are going to talk to the orthopedic doctor about checking her little bones out.  She drinks lots of milk.  She doesn't fit any of the ricketts symptons.  She is actually over 100% of the height scale(her dad is 6'2"), she is very fair skinned.  She loves outside and goes out everyday to play.

They are going to get her Vitamin D and calcium checked.  DS said he was going to see if they would do a bone density - I have no idea if they will do that on someone as young as her.

Thanks again everyone.

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on 4/9/12 3:55 am - Suffern, NY
when there is a high incidense of bone breakage, they can do a few different tests - they can do bone density, they can do bone scans to test of any unidentified broken bones which might be a recommended test for her.  There is a conditon called brittle bones disease which causes bones to break really easily in children.  There are other disorders that cause bones to calcify or ossify - and the bone scan which is a nuclear test is the best test - also straigh xrays can see the calcium deposits.

Does she have any bone pain? Has she broken any bone before that you know of?

I know there is alot of information to be gathered and if I can be of any help, I will do as much research as  I can for you.  Good luck and please let me know what they find out.

I do know it is rare but children can have bone disorders -


on 4/9/12 10:16 am
Thanks for the info and checking on this for me. 

She does not have any bone pain.  She did break this same arm in about the same place about 3 months ago.  She fell off the steps of a slide at day care.  It was not a very bad break.  They said they were going to ask for test to have the bones checked out.  I hope they do.

She could not get in to see the orthopedic doctor that they want to use until in the morning at 8am so she is scheduled for then.  It is in a splint for now and being held immobile.  They could not get it set completely.  Hopefully they will have more answers tomorrow.

Thanks again!!

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