4 year Anniversary!

on 4/9/12 12:18 am
Yesterday was my 4 year anniversary, looks like a bunch of new folks here....but still the ever faithful Gina!

This board was a great help for me when I was just starting out and was a newbie. I am single but dating, I am working a ton....but overall health and life are pretty good. Don't think I would be able to keep this schedule up if I wasn't so much healthier now. Yesterday took my two youngest granddaughters swimming and we were the only ones in the swimming pool, it was great fun. As a grandma I think I am even more active with them than their mom!

Just want to encourage you all to hang in there and do what you need to do....keep working out, keep following your program and keep up your vitamins. But keep up being physical...make the new active lifestyle your own.

Thanks Gina and all the other 'oldtimers' who were so supportive of me, four years ago, was a difficult emotional time for me and I am so glad to have that period of my life behind me. Good to have supportive people on line and in real life...take care! I love my RNY!



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on 4/9/12 12:22 am
How funny, I am not a big one for weight anymore...funny how it is so important before. I was 136 yesterday. Most people think I look better now that I got my regain (okay I was sort of skinny) and people are always saying how tiny I am. I think I like about 130....but seldom have issues with eating as long as I don't overeat or don't chew. Everyone have a great week!


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on 4/9/12 3:25 am
Congratulations Deb on your success!!  It is great to hear from people that are further out.

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on 4/9/12 7:53 am - Northern, CA
Hi Deb!

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on 4/9/12 8:54 am
Hi Mac!

Don't got no new tats and haven't done any tri's but life is still good up here in ORegone...although if it would stop raining it would be tons better!!



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on 4/9/12 3:36 pm - Northern, CA
I had my tat upgraded after my second Ironman. 

Not tris for me right now. I've been sidelined with post-concussion syndrome. Blah.

HW - 225 SW - 191 GW - 132 CW - 122
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on 4/9/12 8:25 am - VA
Happy surgiversary,Deb!   Still here, babeeee!


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on 4/9/12 8:53 am
THANK GOD!! Somebody needs to keep swinging lizards and you are the queen!!



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Mandy R.
on 4/9/12 11:32 am - Callahan, FL
What an inspiration :)  Congrats on your anniversary !

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on 4/9/12 9:35 pm
Congratulations....it is always uplifiting and inspiring to read these posts.