Back from Vacation!!!! I've Missed You All!

Roz !!!!
on 10/17/17 8:23 am, edited 10/18/17 1:36 pm - Butler, PA

WOW....What an exciting 12 Days we had!!! We went on a Disney Cruise with 2 of our DD's, SIL's and 5 of our Grandkids. It was an Avenger one this time instead of the Princesses which was super nice for the boys. We shipped out of NY so we stayed over a few days and visited NY City. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE THAT WAS!!! I was born and raised in a small town so the thousands and thousands of people, the huge stores, traffic etc. of the Big Apple was totally overwhelming to me.

Super excited about the scales when I got home. I only gained 2 pounds!!! If you have ever been on a cruise you know that food is plentiful and you can have as much as you want. We also went to the Original Carlos Bakery (Cake Boss) in NJ. I bought a "treat" but I haven't even taken a bite of it and I brought treats home for the people at work but I only had a couple of bites and pitched the rest out.

Thank You to Everyone who started M&M!!! Catch up with you All tomorrow!!!


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on 10/18/17 2:16 am - VA

Welcome back! I'm so glad you had a great time.

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