Battle of the regain!

on 1/26/18 4:19 am - Eastlake, OH

Good morning LW's,

Just wanted to check in. Feeling pretty good today. Getting close to goal and things are slowing down. Looking forward to hitting my original goal I had over 7 years ago.

So if your battling with regain, please know that if I can do it, you can too!

The hardest part was dealing with the sense of failure and despair. After I got over my little pity party, and saw the picture of myself from a wedding, that was the last straw I needed to get back on track!

Dont forget to take your supplements!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


SW 230 Preop 205 GW 130 LW 131 CW 135 Ht 5'1"

Roz !!!!
on 1/26/18 8:07 am - Butler, PA

Maria I'm so Excited and Proud of You!!!! Love that you are encouraging others!!


God is walking with me every step of the way. Because of HIM this is possible!!

RNY 10/15/2008 9+ Years!!!
Height: 4' 11" HW: 203 SW: 197 CW: 119
on Maintenance

on 1/26/18 12:02 pm - Canada
RNY on 06/02/17

thanks for sharing, this kind of post is so helpful to so many.

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