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on 7/11/18 1:05 pm
RNY on 03/29/17 with
Topic: RE: help me choose lightweights?

As far as I know, basically losing TOO MUCH WEIGHT isn't an issue for the vast majority of light weights. I was 205 when I had my surgery, I had been dieting and working HARD on weight loss for a decade without significant success (lowest was into the high 160s). I opted for the RNY because I knew my body would fight it like crazy and I wanted to get the most effective tool I could.

My weight loss has been very easy - not as dramatic as some but I've never been as diligent as I really wanted to use the honeymoon period to build a sustainable food plan. I'm starting to see that my plan isn't the best - you should go full out on weight loss the first year at least. None the less I'm wearing size zero slacks and a size 2 suit coat today so I'm feeling generally successful! I've built regular exercise into my life, I'm eating whole foods, very healthy foods, and I'm getting in my vitamins.

I feel like all the hard work I did trying to diet the weight off has really paid off now that I have the RNY. I'm really good at weighing and logging my food. I don't assume that days when I eat almost nothing I'm going to be below my calorie goals so I always log... I feel like I'm more in tune with my body for all the work I did in the decade preceding my surgery.

Good luck!

5'4" 49yrs at surgery date

SW - 206 CW - 128
M1 - 20lb M2 - 9 lb M3 - 7 lb M4 - 7 lb M5 - 7 lb M6 - 6 lb M7 - 4 lb M8 - 1 lb M9 - 2 lb M10 - 4 lb M11 - 0lb M12 - 3lb M13 - 0 lb M14 - 2 lb M15 - 0 lb M16 - 3 lb

Mary F.
on 7/6/18 11:04 pm - East Windsor, NJ
Topic: RE: Band removed looking at Bypass now

I would highly suggest just about anything but re-banding. The band seems to have a lifespan of about 10 years for most people and most doctors won't even do them anymore because of the many complications. I had it and was extremely successful for 11 years until it slipped badly and had to come out in an emergency operation. Like you, I would just love to be back at my banded weight (around 105) and have restriction again, now I am back up to 148 pounds after it was removed 5 months ago.


on 7/5/18 5:55 am
Topic: RE: Less than three weeks to go!

Good luck next week with your surgery!

on 7/1/18 5:31 pm - Eastlake, OH
Topic: RE: At how many months did your weightloss stop?



SW 230 Preop 205 GW 130 LW 131 CW 135 Ht 5'1"

on 7/1/18 4:39 pm
Topic: RE: I need help! Advice Please!!

Thank you for sharing. I've been on a constant cycle as well and I'm ready to break it!

on 7/1/18 4:37 pm
Topic: RE: I need help! Advice Please!!

Omg. Same here. I know so much about exercise and dieting. And I've been successful several times. But each time i gain even more back. At my best I lost over 40 pounds to get to 210 lbs with 18% body fat. That was incredible. But then my depression and anxiety issues worsened and I couldn't function. The same anymore. And I'm just afraid I'll start yet again, be successful, again, and ultimately fail. I don't wanna have to go at this alone again. Can't wait to get this done!

on 7/1/18 4:31 pm
Topic: RE: I need help! Advice Please!!

Thank you so much Ron. Finally done with all my specialist visits and I needed that time to research and decide. I'm gonna go ahead with the vsg. I'm doing good in the diet and exercise department right now but I don't want to be disappointed a year from now because I lost momentum again. I need this and I'm excited to put in the work to make it successful!

on 7/1/18 4:27 pm
Topic: RE: I need help! Advice Please!!

Thanks Spice. It's been a looong few months. But I needed that time to research and decide. Def going vsg! Waiting on insurance approvals now.

on 6/28/18 8:30 am
VSG on 05/23/18
Topic: Less than three weeks to go!

the time has flown by and I am ready for my new surgery date of July 16,2018! My journey has been long. I was referred in September 2016 and had the group orientation in January 2017. My initial clinic visit was for March 2016, then that was rescheduled for May 2016. I was told my surgery would be sometime in December , January or February. Then a surgeon left our clinic pushing my surgery date further out. The clinic cancelled my psychologist consultation at the last minute, resulting in a further 6 week delay. I finally received a surgery date of May 23, 2018 that was postponed, I got that call 10 minutes before I was to leave for the hospital! I am keeping my fingers crossed that the July date is a go.

on 6/26/18 2:59 pm
VSG on 05/23/18
Topic: RE: Surgery Postponed

No, this is my first WLS and I hope my only one. Less than 3 weeks until surgery!

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