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1 Day Ago

Just called my insurance company and learned, surprisingly, that any complications arising from an elective, un-covered surgery, are not covered when I'm back home...upon some googling, this seems pretty common, which is really surprising!  I mean, if

3 Days Ago

I know that Dr S uses Natrelle Silicone implants, but does anyone know if he does sub-muscular, sub-glandular, or goes between the two depending on the patient?  Also, I'm trying to decide on a size right now, and would love some sort of guide to help.

4 Days Ago

Hello, I have purchased tickets to be in Monterrey for Surgery on August 23, 2016. (Lower body lift, thigh lift and possible butt augment. Please let me know how to join on FB - username is Kevin Dorothy. I am on FB more often than OH. 


4 Days Ago

Hi, just curious on why we can't be a member of the FB patient group until after plane tickets are booked?  Seems like that group is probably much more active with way more info than this one, it would be nice to get that information BEFORE flights are

2 Weeks Ago

Hello everyone...Here is a little bit about me. I have lost weight and regained it plus more and lost it again over and over with my weight climbing to 316 lbs.  April 2014 I decided to finally loose it for good.  I was a

3 Weeks Ago

Had a Gastric Sleeve August 11, 2015.  Lost approximately 110 pounds.  Have some extra skin that I need removed.  Have sent pictures to the Dr. S and waiting to here back.  I don't see a lot of males on here.  Been reading a lot of forum and so far lik

4 Weeks Ago 2 Months Ago

It's almost here!  Consults, party, BBQ and reuniting with old friends.  See you in Vegas!

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