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3 Days Ago
3 Days Ago

Zana, thank you for welcoming me into your home.   I thought this process was great and it helped me narrow down some of my decisions for plastic surgery.  I am looking forward to a new body and a time when I do not have to look at this skin.  I wish I

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4 Days Ago

My name is Jessica.  I had sleeve surgery on 7/09/14 that was covered by my insurance have lost 109lbs to date (I'm going to try and lose another 11) and am now ready for plastics.  I was able to attend the consult with Dr Sauceda in Tyler, TX last wee

4 Days Ago
4 Days Ago

I have seen the ranges and guidelines, but hoping some who have already been through this can share their experiences.

Ideally people who had breast lift, arm lift, thigh lift and TT.

1. How long until you were able to sit at a desk/do

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