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2 Days Ago

Unfortunately the declining Canadian dollar has created a considerable exchange difference.

I don't want to give up any of the procedures (I know myself---if I don't do it

3 Days Ago

I am an idiot. I should have exchanged my Canadian in for American as soon as I booked the surgery. With the dollar tanking, it is already costing me over 7K extra just in exchange fees.  And the dollar keeps getting worse.

This is really depre

3 Days Ago

I am going to be having a breast reduction with lift (no implants) with DR. S in a few months.

Even with 110 lbs lost, my breasts are still a 38 H cup.

It is easy for me to think "I want a large C or small D", as I want them large enoug

6 Days Ago

I have a tentative surgery date of Oct 12 for my body and Oct 15 for my face and may end up going to Mexico alone.  Is anyone else having surgery around the same time?  I would love to be able to have someone from this group to correspond with and give

1 Week Ago

Well the deed is done!

Had my dear, sweet, supportive, and incredibly tiny, SIL take my pics (po

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