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2 Days Ago
Having face lift- headgear question - I am scheduled to return to Dr. S for a long thigh lift and face/eye lift.  I was wondering about how long you have to wear the head gear.  I dont want to wear it back to work. lol...
3 Days Ago
Newbie OR date 10/21 - Hi I am Christy. I just joined this site and having a little difficulty navigating so hopefully I am posting this in the right place.... I tried to add myself to the upcoming surge...
3 Days Ago
1 Week Ago
Update from Monterrey - I have been resting a lot since surgery on Friday. Just a brief update to say I am thrilled with the results of my surgery and have had great care here with Dr. Sauceda. Paty is as...
2 Weeks Ago
new bra fitting - How soon did you all have a bra fitting after getting your new implants? I'm only 3 weeks out but I no longer own a bra that would fit. Trish
3 Weeks Ago
Upcoming Surgeries - Here's what I've seen so far.  AnitaFill         9/1      LBL, BL/BA, AL KreativeKim   9/4      LBL, BL/BA, AL, TL Stacy_WLS   9/7      ? Albayati23    10/17   TT, BL, AL Lif...
3 Weeks Ago
PS Board - Ok, spank me I got snarky on the PS board after Dr Domanskis little slam against going to Mexico, specifically on Dr S (thread) when his prices are just as good.  I basically said ...
3 Weeks Ago
Surgery Planned October 23rd - Hi. I am new to the site and have some questions about Dr. Sauceda and what to expect. I am having an AL, TL, and BL done on Oct 23rd. I am super excited but nervous as well. Did a...
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