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Hello ALL,

    I have a quick question about Plastics after the DS.  I had my DS in 2010, prior to that I had a breast reduction in 2003...I mention this to let you know that my reduced breasts are now deflated bags on my chest. In addition t

3 Days Ago
Hmm where do i start?
First off, for me coming from Israel and where i live in the North of Israel where it cold now to stopping at friends near the airport the weekrnd before my flight and decidingwhat to pack...
No matter how many times on
2 Weeks Ago

in about 36 hours.  I'm so excited.  

2 Months Ago
2 Months Ago

I would like to have a conversation with people who are post op and perhaps have some personal or even indirect knowledge of how to handle "issues" with implants over the long run.

I had plastics with Dr S 2 years ago, loved my results - very g

2 Months Ago

Does anyone by chance have approximate dates? I am out of the country Aprl 28- May 17, so please don't use these dates, i so want meet Dr. Sauceda!

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2 Months Ago
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