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4 Days Ago

I'm so excited...I just  scheduled my circumferential body lift, thigh lift and arm lift with Dr Sauceda for January 17, 2017.  I just bought  my airline tickets for me and my hubby. I can't wait to get rid of all of this loose flabby skin.  I will kee

5 Days Ago

I just got my flight booked so excited Oct 3rd is my surgery.  Also kinda sad . I have never left my babies . But I must do this.😀

1 Week Ago

I am getting  my  ticket through cheap airlines. I have seen a few places on here state they needed and requested wheelchair assistance.  Where did you call for that ? I keep looking on the website to see if there is a fee or if I can request the wheel

2 Weeks Ago

I have decided to get all my floppy skin off now been 2 almost 3 yes and I can't lose anymore weight . I understand the risk and all and I am glad dr.sauceda understood that some of us can't ever get any smaller. I wanted I LBL, BL n arm and thigh lift

2 Weeks Ago
I was suppose to have it done in2012 but got cancelled but I booked for December 9 now I'm going no matter what now😄

I do have a question will I see dr s before surgery day like the day I get in. Does he do an evaluation prior? Is it al
4 Weeks Ago

Just called my insurance company and learned, surprisingly, that any complications arising from an elective, un-covered surgery, are not covered when I'm back home...upon some googling, this seems pretty common, which is really surprising!  I mean, if

1 Month Ago

I know that Dr S uses Natrelle Silicone implants, but does anyone know if he does sub-muscular, sub-glandular, or goes between the two depending on the patient?  Also, I'm trying to decide on a size right now, and would love some sort of guide to help.

1 Month Ago

Hello, I have purchased tickets to be in Monterrey for Surgery on August 23, 2016. (Lower body lift, thigh lift and possible butt augment. Please let me know how to join on FB - username is Kevin Dorothy. I am on FB more often than OH. 


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