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With all the reading I have done on the forums, i am feeling pretty confident in everything, except for two areas:

The epidural needle (not the safety so much as the pain)

And the drain removals (since you are awake for this, doesn't it

4 Days Ago

I have been reading through the experience posts and looking at the photos to see if I could find someone who also had large rolls under their breasts/around the side/back.  I do not think this could be dealt with with a TT, but I may be wrong. Is this

4 Days Ago

I am about 4.5 years post op from Dr. S, breast lift and augmentation.  Wow, the world keeps turning and I'm now a newlywed with a little one on the way!  I am concerned about breastfeeding, particularly about my ability.  This is my first child so I d

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Hello all, 

Long time lurker, new member, first time poster.

I have lost 83 lbs so far on my own.

I have been looking at all my options for excess skin removal surgery, both here in Canada and via medical tourism.

I have

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