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1 Day Ago
Surgery Report - (Sort of copied from my Sauceda group Facebook post) Yesterday's surgery went so well. I am blown away by how good I feel. No pain at all except 1 little area in my tummy (which ...
4 Days Ago
couple of questions/concerns - Hi all, how are you all feeling?  Posts opers how do u guys  Like ur results so far?   Some questions that came to mind...   In pervious post someone mentioned that we should ...
6 Days Ago
1 Week Ago
How common are seromas and how can you avoid them? - Now that my surgery date is scheduled I'm reading more and more about complications, seromas and disappointing outcomes.  How common are seromas and how can they be avoided.  Also....
2 Weeks Ago
Flex Spending - My employer puts in about 00/year into my healthcare flex spending account.  I either use it or lose it.  Has any of your vets ever submitted you PS done in Mexico into your fle...
2 Weeks Ago
Tape sensitivity - I'm looking for any information that could be helpful in dealing with sensitivity to tape and adhesives. I've recently started having issues with band aids. I also had a lot of red...
2 Weeks Ago
All set and thanks - I got my blood work and EKG all in to Dr S, he said I'm all set. I can't believe how fast the time has gone by, now I'm getting very anxious/excited. I wanted to thank everyone for...
2 Weeks Ago
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