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5 Days Ago

Here is a copy of my nearly daily diary of my time in Monterrey.  Hope this helps people!

Day -1 12/28/2016


So far, so good.  Mom and I are on the first plane.  I’m having trouble just relaxing, too many t

2 Weeks Ago
I decided to come back and write how my recovery is so far, since I honestly don't recall reading a lot post op.

So I been home a few weeks and I will be 4 weeks out from surgery in 2 days. I had LBL with AC, arm lift, and breast lift-no im
3 Weeks Ago
A few ppl wanted to see photos, not as good as some but I'm beyond happy and only 2 weeks out and I'm swelling a lot right now. I lost over 200 pounds so I'll take it. I'll post more later as I progress and my arms. I prob Shoulda edited a little more
4 Weeks Ago
1 Month Ago
I am going to post a blog that I been writing. Today I am a week out from LBL w/ AC, BL, and AL.

It has been better then I could ever imagine, but with that being said it was still surgery and today the emotions of missing my home and famil
2 Months Ago
My big day is Friday 12/9/16. I can't believe it is actually here! I am having an arm lift, LBL, and just decided to do and go ahead with breast aug. I am a little nervous about the unknown, but not as much as I thought I would be.

Can some
2 Months Ago

I have contacted Dr. Sauceda about a consult.  Just waiting to hear back.  I decided to get a consult here locally just for a face to face opinion of a surgeon.  Well for the first time ever in my life, I was told I don't have enough body fat.  Not a p

3 Months Ago

Got my confirmation from Dr. Saucedo for my lower body lift, arm lift, breast lift/augmentation, and thigh lift on February 14, 2017.  Happy Valentine's Day, lol.  Told hubby his present might be a little late, but it will be worth it, lol.  I'll also

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