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3 Days Ago
My big day is Friday 12/9/16. I can't believe it is actually here! I am having an arm lift, LBL, and just decided to do and go ahead with breast aug. I am a little nervous about the unknown, but not as much as I thought I would be.

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3 Weeks Ago

I have contacted Dr. Sauceda about a consult.  Just waiting to hear back.  I decided to get a consult here locally just for a face to face opinion of a surgeon.  Well for the first time ever in my life, I was told I don't have enough body fat.  Not a p

1 Month Ago

Got my confirmation from Dr. Saucedo for my lower body lift, arm lift, breast lift/augmentation, and thigh lift on February 14, 2017.  Happy Valentine's Day, lol.  Told hubby his present might be a little late, but it will be worth it, lol.  I'll also

1 Month Ago

So excited!  I did my email consultation with Dr. Sauceda, and am waiting for confirmation on my date in February.  I'll be having a lower body lift, breast lift with augmentation, small inner thigh lift, and arm lift.  I had consulted with another sur

2 Months Ago

I'm doing pretty good! My surgery was much longer than expected. Unlike most of his patients  I'm still overweight so things got a little more complicated during surgery. The epidural failed so they had to use general anesthesia, which was a negative s

3 Months Ago

Hello everyone,


I just wanted to check in and let everyone know about my experience with Dr Sauceda. I had my surgery on Sept 5, 2016. I arrived in Monterrey the eve

3 Months Ago

I am wondering about how much pain people experienced with these procedures recently. I'm scared to death.   Lol

3 Months Ago

Hi Everyone! I'm quite a ways away from having plastic surgery as I still have about 75 lbs to lose but I'm doing my research early so that I can be confident in choosing my plastic surgeon. I am leaning heavily towards Dr. Sauceda and am hoping to con

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