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9 Hours Ago
Home - So I just returned from Monterrey yesterday. Dr. Sauceda is as gifted and amazing as everyone states that he is. Paty is just a sweetheart and she was so very helpful during my sta...
4 Days Ago
Approximate costs - I know this can vary widely but I am just now (7 years out) looking in to doing plastics and am just curious about what the approximate cost for Dr. S and the cost of travel and et...
4 Days Ago
5 Days Ago
1 Week Ago
SIM Card for Mexico - So I have this slight (huge) attachment to my phone and being connected.  Dr. S can't fix my head, so I decided to order a SIM card to use in Mexico so I can use my phone while I'm...
2 Weeks Ago
2 Weeks Ago
Recovery Update -- 1 month w/ a pic (g rated) - Hi all -- here is a quick (or not so quick) update on my plastics I had last month 11/7.  I had a lower body lift, breast lift & augmentation, small thigh lift and lip on my outer ...
2 Weeks Ago
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