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Seems many post and then delete it a few days later after people have taken the time to respond. I am not sure why this is happening so often. As an admin I can see all posts, deleted and not. It must be very confusing for those who cannot see all the

2 Weeks Ago

I've scheduled my surgery for August 8th and purchased my tickets yesterday. Today we are going to apply for our passports. I am having a brachioplasty and mastopexy. My daughter is travelling with me.

seems kind of unreal. I am happy but nervo

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I'm seriously looking into Dr. Sauceda.  I have had two local Atlanta PS look at me.  Both felt like a TT is better than a LBL to get a tighter belly.  However, I see Dr. Sauceda doing a number of LBL.  Was there ever any discussi

3 Weeks Ago

So, as I look into the possibility of going to Monterrey for surgery with Dr Sauceda, I am wondering who in my family might be able to go with me.

There aren't too many options, and indeed, I hate to ask someone to come with to worry and wait w

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It's set May 19th. Arm lift, B/L, B/A. Would like to join the FB group. Thx.
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Hi Everyone, I'm only 8 months post RNY, and I still have about 40lbs more to go before I hit goal, but I have been reading up on Dr. S because I want to cover all my options. I have one specific concern about the surgery with Dr. S, and that would be

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I had my surgery on Tuesday and am recuperating at the hotel. While people on this board assured me that this would be a good experience, I have to confirm that it has been a far easier and better process than I could have imagined. Everyone has been p

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Dr Sauceda is coming to Las Vegas!  June 17th & 18th.  I'm starting to set appointments for consults.  Cost is . 

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