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My body is rejecting the internal "dissolvable" stitches...

on 5/15/12 2:53 am, edited 5/15/12 2:54 am
I'm waiting to hear from Dr. S. but has anyone else had this complication? I have little sores that are spitting out the stitches through my skin. But the damn things are still attached on the inside. If you had this, what did you do about it? The skin sores hurt and the pokey stitches bug my OCD like nobody's business.
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on 5/15/12 4:45 am
I had one on my hip and a couple on the edge of my lower eyelid.  They were a dark blue, and my sis just pulled them out from under my eye.  I used tweezers to get the one on my hip.  Generally, they aren't attached, but the knot has to be pulled out, may be attached to the skin a bit.  If it is out enough to grab, just tug gently. 

I had a few come out after my DS around my bbutton where Rabkin uses a hand port.

Yes, they bug the hell out of you until they come out.  If I remember right, Tom's hip opening up was from an internal stitch popping out.

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on 5/15/12 5:15 am - henderson, NV
 I had one on my elbow that I just assumed my body would absorb.  After about 2 months, I wash pushing on it, and when I pushed on it, the thread would poke out - LOL.  I told me husband to grab the thread with tweezers when I squeezed it and it poked out.  He grabbed it and pulled it a bit and it came out - and now is healed nicely.  I kept getting a sore there that kept oozing a bit - all better now :-)

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Lee ~
on 5/15/12 8:47 am - CA
I'm so sorry this is happening.  I think it would bug me as well!  Hopefully you'll be able to pull it out.  I'm sure Dr. S will tell you what to do.

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on 5/15/12 11:20 am - Orange County :), TN
I hope you find some resolve. I can see how that would be an annoyance.
on 5/15/12 12:20 pm - Houston, TX
I get these too. The internal stitches are both clear and purple. Dr S did tell me these should not be removed. The surgeon at Baylor told me to clip them even with the skin. The knots seem to be the ones that cause problems ~ lil *******s.
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on 5/16/12 12:35 am
I had a bunch of these from every incision when I had my VSG. I had a big wad of them come up out of the biggest incision and it didn't heal for over 8 weeks because of it. I worry that there is something wrong with my body that it doesn't accpet the stitches and worry about if that will effect my plastics.
on 5/16/12 1:36 am
My body didn't spit any stitches.  I wonder why some do and some don't.  I would hate to have that to deal with! I imagine it can be extremely irritating!  Let us know what Dr S tells you, please.

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