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Greetings fellow sleevers and anyone interested in maintenance issues. This group is being created to provide additional support to vsg patients who are at or near goal and working on the lifelong project of maintaining. All are welcome to post including preops and other wls patients since maintenance is a concern for us all. Hope we can get some good discussions going with tips, stories, problems and support. Lets make this a fun group! Diane

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Group Created: Nov 8, 2010
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Well I have a computer again. Not just an iPad and a phone. So much easier to post on a real keyboard.

2 Days Ago

Weight 121.2, calories 792. I feel like I have been losing then regaining the same 2 pounds for the last month. Sigh - clearly my body has a new set point, but I?m still going to try and drop it again once in Florida and a more ?controlled? envir

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All this stuff sitting upon my desk to be addressed- pushed aside to go back and read thru posts (responding to some directly in said posts- can't keep the information organized well enough to be coherent in reply here)---I kept humming M

4 Days Ago

Weight: 133.2
Macros: Cals - 1,442, Carbs - 131, Fats - 51, Protein - 94, Fiber - 33
Sleep hours: 8
Vegetable/Fruit Servings: 8
Exercise: Yoga class, walking

I?m back in the land of V/

5 Days Ago

Weight: 133.6
Macros: Cals - 1,704, Carbs - 159, Fats - 37, Protein - 160, Fiber - 22
Sleep hours: 6.5
Vegetable/Fruit Servings: 4
Exercise: Aquarobics class, walking
Meditation: Yes

Still on a prot

6 Days Ago

Weight: 132.6
Macros: Cals - 1,725, Carbs - 225, Fats - 47, Protein - 116, Fiber - 33
Sleep hours: 5
Vegetable/Fruit Servings: 8
Exercise: Walking
Meditation: Yes

Danger, Will Robinson! Not enough

7 Days Ago
  1. Within Range: Day #3 just over
  2. General Wellbeing: 8 on SS (Serenity Scale) ; needed Sudafed for allergies
  3. 10,000+ Steps: 2155
  4. Fitness: walking in stores
  5. Self-Care:
  6. Play/Leisure: Played S
1 Week Ago

  1. Within Range: Day #2 just over
  2. Gen

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