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Greetings fellow sleevers and anyone interested in maintenance issues. This group is being created to provide additional support to vsg patients who are at or near goal and working on the lifelong project of maintaining. All are welcome to post including preops and other wls patients since maintenance is a concern for us all. Hope we can get some good discussions going with tips, stories, problems and support. Lets make this a fun group! Diane

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23 Hours Ago
23 Hours Ago

Weight 116.8, calories about 2000. Half of those calories were not my usual foods. They included Ahi Tuna for lunch and grouper for dinner, but also included wine and coconut cream pie. Yes, I ate the whole piece of pie and my innards were not super ha

1 Day Ago
2 Days Ago

142.8 - same.

3 Days Ago

Weight: 131.8
Macros: Cals - 1,582, carbs - 181, fats - 43, protein - 100, fiber - 28
Veggies/Fruits (goal 8): 9
Sleep (goal 8 hours): 7.5
Exercise: Aquarobics class

Won?t bother listing yesterday?s 9 V/F servin

4 Days Ago

Weight 117.2, calories 1639, of which 3 were chocolate chip cookies.

This is a mixed emotion week. Today is the anniversary of my son?s arrival at 4 days old (since he was adopted) and Friday is my birthday. It is also the 13 year anniversary

5 Days Ago

Weight 116.6, calories 1160.

We went to an interesting event last night: An art show combined with a poetry reading. It was part of the National Art Exhibition at the Visual Arts Center in Punta Gorda. A friend of ours (who is the new artist o

6 Days Ago

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