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elevated liver enzymes and surgery

on 4/5/11 7:13 pm
VSG on 04/18/11 with
I have a question. What is the protocol if you have elevated liver enzymes before surgery. Will they still do it or not?
on 4/6/11 12:44 am - Omaha, NE
I'm guessing they will do more tests to see why it's elevated. I've seen it denied because of cirrhosis of the liver though.
on 4/6/11 5:50 am

I thought that the elevated enzymes were from having a fatty liver, but I'm not sure.  WLS and weightloss cure fatty liver.  It was suggested to me to take Milk Thistle to lower my levels and it has worked!

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on 4/6/11 7:07 am
Milk Thistles is great for the liver . Dont get the cheap kind. This is something worth spending a little extra on and making sure it's good.

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