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Welcome to the Back On Track Together group.

This group is especially for weight loss surgery post-ops that want to get back on track, stay on track and discuss any topics concerning weight loss surgery post-operatively. The purpose of this group is to provide support to each other, motivation, inspiration, and to share ideas and strategies for change to incorporate healthy habits into our life.

We follow the basic rules of protein, water, vitamin supplements, and healthy nutrition along with regular exercise. We aren't going to tell you what to eat or make recommendations except for the basic foundation for a weight loss surgery healthy lifestyle. What works for each of us is special and unique. For specific dietary recommendations, contact your surgeon's nutritionist.

What we will talk about is the emotions and reasons we emotionally eat and what we need to do to stay on track. We will share our successes, challenges, and reach our goals of getting on track and staying there.

After all, back on track is knowing that it is up to you and the answers aren't found in food and eating.

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9 Hours Ago

Day 3 bot. I feel pretty good. I will clean and garden for exercise. Tri

B: JD delight

S: clementines/pasta

L: chicken, Swiss cheese, pretzel roll

S: salad with light dressing

D: beef/pasta

S: Sweet Fre

1 Day Ago
I am going into my 6th week. of IF.
Things are going slow, but they say slow weight loss is good.
Did I mention, that my restriction, as far as getting full, on a less portion/amount of food is happening.
I will take
2 Days Ago

My goal is to eat 1600 calories and clean for 3 hours today.

My eating plan:

B: Jimmy Dean Delight and 2 clementines

L: lettuce, tomato, sugar snap peas, carrots, low fat dressing, Santa Fe tortilla, low fat cheese, chicken

2 Days Ago

I am really struggling. My health has gone downhill since my RNY almost 12 years ago. Food rapidly slides through my GI track nonstop because my surgeon used a stricture resistant (too large) stoma hole maker. My blood sugars have been worse since t

2 Weeks Ago
Week 4 is here.
I feel like I just started yesterday.
My food choices could have been better this week.
I had a scale dilemma analog vs. digital.
Needless to say, they had different weights.
I saw with my own eyes,
3 Weeks Ago
My summer school job, is wearing me out! I am grateful for the experience. A true benefit in walking and climbing the stairs in this huge school building, my stamina is getting better each day. This daily walking walking is helping me gain and build stren
4 Weeks Ago
Still here,
Checking in.
Iv'e only been back on track for just a few weeks, and it feels like watching paint dry.
Clothing is loosening up a little I guess, or at least I want to think that they are.
I am trying my best, t
1 Month Ago
I am eleven yrs. post-op
From lowest wt. regain of 38lbs.
I need to lose, 61 lbs.

If you want to get back on track as well? Post a message. This place is ghost town.
I stay clear of the main boards, they can be bruta

My BOTT Week
January 9, 2009 11:43 pm
I did it!  I BOTTed all week long.  In large part, it was thanks to this group.  It is funny because I've wanted to do something BOTT for years since I've been with OH.  What is funny is that I knew i...
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Back On Track...
January 7, 2009 12:11 am
Quick note:  The following is informational only.  Always follow your surgeon’s advice first and foremost!  Also, remember that our medical histories are different as are our pouches.  What work...
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Back On Track...
January 7, 2009 12:07 am

Remember when we were preparing for surgery?  How many meetings, classes and such did we attend?  We were told the more prepared we w...
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