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Saturday June 2 Cardio & Cafe

on 6/2/12 3:39 am
Good Afternoon Botts,

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. The weather
started out gloomy but is shaping up to be pretty
nice. Hope it stays that way, my laundry is out on
the line, lol.
Went shopping with sister #3 (in order of birth, they're were 7 of us girls, I'm #6). Had a pretty
good day so far.

Split an omlette and had 1/2 piece rye toast and okay
I'll admit it 1/2 an order of hashbrowns

lunch is a blt

dinner is pork and sauerkraut

had a few crackers

protein shake/coffee later

Okay diet wise guess NOT such a good day

Sorry, not usually this chatty!

Have a good day all

on 6/2/12 9:34 am - NY
Evening Edie & Botts!

It's cool her in NYC great weather to take a work before the evening rain is going to start soon.  Worked out this morning with the Jillian Micheal Body Revolution (30 minutes).

Todays eats have been and will be:

Pre-Breakfast:  ½ Cup of Hi Lo Cereal w/Almond Milk

Breakfast: Protein Shake w/SF Banana Pudding

Snack:  Trail Mix (1.25 Cups)

Lunch/Early Dinner: 1/2 of a Veggie Burger with the works & Serving of Homemade French Fries

Snack: Nature Valley Cashew


Snack:  Vita Top Brownie (no later than 9pm)

I will only check in on the weekend, since I get early start in the mornings doing the week days.