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  • Meeting People - recently seperated looking to start a network of friends (maybe more)
  • Parenting - have 2 great boys 8 and 3 yr old. They are my true happiness
  • Baseball - GO YANKEES !!!!!!!!!!

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  • Comment by Kimberly Novak 6/14/06 3:54 am
    Wishing you all the best as you begin your life changing journey~~Kim
  • Comment by June M. 6/12/06 7:00 pm
    Good luck on Monday, B.K.! you will be running around with your kids before you even know it! May God guide your surgeon's hands, along with his or her skill. June
  • Comment by Modern_Viking 6/12/06 3:21 am
    BK When your alone in your room at night and yo may be in pain you have to pull your self up by the boot straps Brother as no one else can get your over the hurdle but your self you can do it Brother!
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Hey there I am Bk. I am 36 yrs old and I live in Staten Island NY. I am a divorced father of two wonderful boys. Before surgery on June 12, 2006 I was weighing 342 lbs.
Fast forward to Dec of 07 and I am now 200 lbs and feel amazing.
I was living life as a spectator alwys on the sidelines. Now I am in the game of life. I have become a true hands on father and joined in all of lifes activities.
Even though I see my kids 3 or 4 days a week we are able to cram so much into that time that I actually outlast them now.
Gastric bypass has truly saved my life and restored my sanity.
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BK's Blog

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Well where do I begin. My name is BK I am a divorced father of 2 amazing boys. 
I have always had a hard time maintaining my weight, but after I got married I stopped trying. I got married at approx 230 lbs and before i knew it it was 7 yrs later and I had ballooned to 342 lbs. My marriage was in shambles as I had become a prisoner to my embarrassment. I hardly ever left the house. I went to work and I cam home. I avoided contact with the outside world. I could just tell everytime I greeted someone they were asking themselves "how could he let himself get that fat". I really avoided people I hadn't seen in a long time as I really hated see the look of utter shock when they saw how big I had gotten. My defense to this was to avoid seeing people. My home liffe really suffered as I forced my self imposed prison sentence on my family. I stopped taking my kids to the park or playing ball with them. I think back now and I remember my father running along side my oldest son as he was learning to ride a 2 wheel bike. That was my job and I was unable to do my job. My anger and frustration with myself  turned into a depression and caused the demise of my marriage.
After i got divorced i decided I could either eat myself to death or do something about it. Diets had failed and my health was deteriorating. My Dr suggested Gastric bypass and I did some research of my own. It seemed like the answer to my prayers. A do over in life. I have never even had a broken bone and now here I was preparing to have major surgery. 
Well fast forward to 1.5 yrs later and I have lost 142 lbs and I am a completely a new person. I am now the hands on father I have always wanted to be. I am looing forward to running along side my 3 yr old as he learns to ride a bike. I am now an assistant coach on my boys Baseball team I play tennis and have even taken out my bike which had been in storage for about 8 yrs. Life is truly beautiful. My ex wife  and I have become good friends and we share custody of the boys and support each other in our quest to be happy.