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  • Comment by msutton8 1/31/08 4:51 am
    Congratulations on your up-coming surgery! Wishing you a very quick and un-eventful recovery!!! We'll save a seat on the losers bench for you =) Feel free to contact Raayven - she is getting her band the same day, and you can be band-buddies! Melissa
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4jin02's Blog
4jin02's Blog

2/28/08 Meals

posted 2/28/08 3:28 am
After my binge with candy episode I am trying to gain control.
I am doing good far...

4oz non-fat yogurt
1 small banana (ate half)

Mid Morning;
8oz Protein Shake

1cup of Campbell's Tomato Soup(I love it)
with some mozzarella cheese melted in it.

Haven't drank my shake yet...don't think I need it neither. But will do because today I go to class and won't be able to eat a meal.....probably grap pudding or jello for dinner.


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