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Marina Kurian
Dr. Kurian is fantastic. She performed a great surgery, I had a great recovery and everyday I feel better. She took the time to hear my questions and concerns and gave me great tips.
Thank you so much.
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My Story

 I struggled with the issue of weight my entire life and finally got to the point of weighting twice my ideal weight. I finally decided to have the vertical sleeve surgery because I realized that I would never gain the battle of the yo-yo diet by myself. In the past, I was able to lose weight if I deprived myself of many types of food and if I managed to eat small portions, but as soon as I returned to "normal" portions and eating all kinds of food my weight would go up as well.
I felt miserable because I did not feel attractive and I did not have energy to do anything. Now I feel great!. I have so much more stamina, my blood pressure went to normal levels as well as my cholesterol....and I look great!. I have lost 40 lbs but I have to lose 60 more. Anyway, I feel and I look great and I can't eat more....I don't feel hungry, I can eat small portions of everything I want and lose weight.
I am so happy with my surgery and the results so far.