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Ki Hyun Oh M.D.
'My first impression of Dr. Oh was that he was a very busy man who didn't have time to get personal with his patients. Which was fine because he came so highly recommended by my sister. She is a nurse and used to work with Dr. Oh in the operating room. rnrnMy impression of him changed when he came to check on me 5 times the day of my surgery. He was there at least a few times every day and explained everything very thoroughly to me and my family.rnrnHis office staff are all very nice.rnrnHe was hard to understand at first because of his accent but I got to where I could understand him just fine.rnrnHe has a very strict aftercare program. If you can't/don't want something this strict
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  • Comment by * Cindee * 6/15/06 4:21 am
    Just popping in to let you know that I am praying for a safe surgery and speedy recovery for you!! Your journey is just begining, take the time to enjoy your accomplishments!!
  • Comment by Kimberly T. 6/14/06 4:02 am
    Congratulations on your upcoming surgery!! You must be thoroughly excited! I know I was. I practically leapt onto the table! I was nervous too sure. But more excited about the upcoming life I was about to begin. I had been lurking on the OH site for quite some time while researching WLS. And when that day finally came I was ecstatic that I was going to be a “loser” like so many of our OH Family. That’s what this site is…A Family…The people here are so amazing. As you are probably well aware by now. Just know this. No matter where you are, what you’re doing or what you’re going thru. We are here and ready to help and support you. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers during your surgery. Good luck and we’ll be waiting on the lighter side. Much love…
  • Comment by moosemom 6/13/06 10:25 pm
    Good luck and a speedy recovery for your surgery. Congrats on the new you.
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Cheri C.'s Blog
Cheri C.'s Blog

June 12, 2006

posted 10/20/06 6:36 pm
Happy Birthday to my Mother.  She would have been 72.
Surgery is ON!!!  I leave tomorrow on the plane with my DH at 3:29p.m.
Alaska time.  I have my pre-op appointment with my surgeon at 2:30 on
Wednesday and I have to be at the hospital at 5:30a.m. Thursday morning. 
I am first in line that day.  Thank you to everyone who has supported
and allowed me to get to this point.  We are taking the computer with us
so I'll update when I can.  So far, there are no nerves.  Only
excitement.  I can't believe I'm actually at this point.  It seems like so long
ago I started seriously looking into WLS - but actually it was only
last September.  Time has gone by really fast since I made my decision to
go forward.  And I haven't doubted my decision for a minute. 

I am going in to this operation knowing the risks, knowing the possible
complications, including death, knowing the limitations I will face
post-op as far as eating is concerned; knowing that for every day for the
rest of my life I will have to take massive amounts of vitamins;
knowing that if I don't have this surgery I will end up not being able to
walk more than 10 feet at a time; knowing that without this operation I
will keep yo-yo dieting and end up weighing more than I ever have before;
knowing that without this operation I could die a very early death
because of my weight; I also go into this operation knowing that if I work
my tool the way my doctor tells me to, I can live a healthy, active,
exciting life that up to this point I've only watched pass me by.

I am ready.  I will post again from the loser's bench.  Let's hear it
for the Loooosers!!!

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