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Ki Hyun Oh M.D.
'My first impression of Dr. Oh was that he was a very busy man who didn't have time to get personal with his patients. Which was fine because he came so highly recommended by my sister. She is a nurse and used to work with Dr. Oh in the operating room. rnrnMy impression of him changed when he came to check on me 5 times the day of my surgery. He was there at least a few times every day and explained everything very thoroughly to me and my family.rnrnHis office staff are all very nice.rnrnHe was hard to understand at first because of his accent but I got to where I could understand him just fine.rnrnHe has a very strict aftercare program. If you can't/don't want something this strict
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  • Comment by * Cindee * 6/15/06 4:21 am
    Just popping in to let you know that I am praying for a safe surgery and speedy recovery for you!! Your journey is just begining, take the time to enjoy your accomplishments!!
  • Comment by Kimberly T. 6/14/06 4:02 am
    Congratulations on your upcoming surgery!! You must be thoroughly excited! I know I was. I practically leapt onto the table! I was nervous too sure. But more excited about the upcoming life I was about to begin. I had been lurking on the OH site for quite some time while researching WLS. And when that day finally came I was ecstatic that I was going to be a “loser” like so many of our OH Family. That’s what this site is…A Family…The people here are so amazing. As you are probably well aware by now. Just know this. No matter where you are, what you’re doing or what you’re going thru. We are here and ready to help and support you. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers during your surgery. Good luck and we’ll be waiting on the lighter side. Much love…
  • Comment by moosemom 6/13/06 10:25 pm
    Good luck and a speedy recovery for your surgery. Congrats on the new you.
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Cheri C.'s Blog
Cheri C.'s Blog

June 23, 2006

posted 10/20/06 6:37 pm
I'm a loser.  Here is the short version of my hospital experience as
written to my son's girlfriend in Germany with a few minor edits for

I went to the hospital at 5:30 in the morning June 13, 2006.  Andy, my
brother and sister were there.  The hospital staff got me ready for
surgery and took me to the operating room around 7:30 I think.  Surgery
took 4 hours.  It was only supposed to take 2 1/2 - 3 but I had lots of
scar tissue from a previous operation that my surgeon had to work around
as he wanted to keep from having to revert to an open procedure.

Not long after surgery they made me get up and walk to help avoid blood
clots as I've had one in my lungs before following surgery.  I don't
really remember much from the first day as I was pretty loopy from the
pain killers.  My husband, Andy, said that when he first walked in the
room I said Hellllllooooo Baby....sounding like I was pretty drunk.  My
brother asked my sister the nurse if I was supposed to be that way (I
haven't drank in 23 years and he was worried!!!)

The doctor became concerned late the first day because my blood level
started dropping.  This meant I was bleeding internally.  They did a
bunch of tests on me (I don't remember which day - Friday I think) - cat
scans of my abdomen and lungs, lung x-ray, and Doppler scan of my legs
checking for clots.  the sugeon did another EGD scope (which I woke up
in the middle of but didn't really have any sense of anything other than
this thing in my mouth.  Even with having claustrophobia it wasn't a
problem.  Enough drugs I guess). 

They couldn't find the source of the bleeding.  He said part of the
reason my blood count was dropping was because my blood was being so
diluted from all the fluids.  I was retaining too much (thus the 22 pound
weight gain in 5 days) so he put me on diuretics.  He said that alone
would not cause the blood level to drop so much.  There was also lots of
blood in my stools and urine. 

I had been on blood thinners to prevent blood clots so they stopped
those immediately. 

My blood count got so low, they decided they may have to give me a
blood transfusion.  I had to sign a consent that said I would or would not
accept the blood or I would only accept if the doctor ordered it or I
would only accept it in an emergency.  I signed for only in an

The doctor soon came to me and said it was time.  I had lost enough
blood that without a transfusion, I would not be able to make it on my
own.  It would take months for me to heal and replace the blood I had
lost.  They had to give me couagulants to help clot my blood before they
could give me a transfusion.  So here I have gone from taking blood
thinners to taking blood thickeners all in the same day.  They gave me 2
units of blood that took more than 8 hours to get into my body.  They
would do a blood test 1 hour after giving me the blood and if giving me the
blood did not stabilize my blood count the doctor would have done
another operation to find out where I was bleeding from.  The blood worked
and I did not need another operation.

While I was receiving the blood, I had a reaction to it.  I started
shaking uncontrollable and was freezing.  My temperature started climbing. 
The shaking went on for more than an hour but soon subsided. 

After I received the blood, I started to feel better.  I had to stay in
the hospital for 24 more hours after the transfusion and have my blood
level checked every 3 hours.  It kept going up.  When they transfused
me it was at 21.  When I checked out of the hospital on Monday it was
33.  I had it checked yesterday at my family doctor's and it was 38. 

I have 7 small incisions in different places on my abdomen.  The
longest is about 1 inch, the shortest just a dot.  There are lots of bruises
where the incisions are.   I also have a LARGE bruise on each side by
my waist. 

During the operation the doctor cut my stomach into 2 separate
stomachs.  The one I use for eating is 15 cc in size (about 1/2 ounce).  It is
totally separated from the rest of my stomach.  Then the doctor took my
small intestine and cut it about 60 inches away from my stomach.  He
then connected the new, cut end of my small intestine to my new stomach
pouch and connected the other cut end to a lower portion of my small
intestine.  That way the stomach juices that still form in my old large
stomach can drain into my intestine.  All this intestine stuff has made
it so, according to my surgeon, I no longer absorb oils or fats from

There have been times since surgery when I was feeling really bad that
I have thought - what have I done to myself...but those thoughts don't
last very long.  Most days I feel ok now although I still walk pretty
slowly and my stomach still is sore.  I know that all this will be worth
it to lose the weight that keeps me from doing the things I want to do
and from being healthy.

Andy was with me nearly every minute in the hospital.  He did
everything for me.  He slept in a recliner chair for 4 nights right beside my
hospital bed.  When I needed him he was there and hardly ever a harsh
word from him.  I couldn't have done this without him by my side - and
I've told him so.  He did admit that he was quite worried there for

I gained 22 pounds when I was in the hospital and as of this moment
(noon AK time 6/23, yes, it's coming off by the hour!!!) I have lost 21 of
it since I got out on Monday. 

Am I hungry - I look at food and everything looks good and I could very
easily take a bite.  But I don't think it is real hunger - more
emotional hunger because I haven't eaten since June 4.  Now I can have sugar
free Jell-O, popsicles, broth, water, protein drinks and my vitamins.  I
can also have diet V8 splash drink, crystal light powder mix that you
mix with water.  On July 15 I can start having soft food...the doctor
said to pretend you don't have teeth - anything you can eat without teeth
I can fish, pudding, eggs, cottage cheese, etc.  I am
realllly looking forward to that.  Then on July 29 I can start adding one
new food at a time to see how I do with it.  At each meal, I will be
eating 1 to 1 1/2 ounces of food.  I will eat 5-6 meals like this per day
until I reach my goal weight. 

Today I am having my first protein drink and starting my vitamins.  I
went to Vitalady's when I was in Washington and got some great chocolate
protein mix.  Unfortunately the day I went there, I taste-tested too
much and was VERY miserable the rest of the day.  In fact that night, at
the airport it was a decision whether to call an ambulance or get on
the plane.  After my husband convinced me to take some pain medicine (I'm
a recovering alcoholic and drug addict and the pain medicine is
oxycodin) I felt better. 

So I'm taking baby sips of my protein drink, and trying to get in my
water.  I haven't managed to get in nearly the minimum of 64 oz per day
(in fact, the most so far is 16 oz) but each day I get in more and more. 

It's been a long week but I feel I am finally on the road to recovery
and that soon, very soon, I'll start seeing the fruits of my labor.

My weight chart so far: Such a trip this water weight gain.  I just had
to track it.
Feb 06    239 - highest weight ever
6/13/06  211.5 day we left Juneau
6/15/06  212 check in at hospital w/clothes on
6/18/06  224 in hospital
6/19/06  234 in hospital
6/22/06  223 when I arrived home in Juneau 1 a.m.
6/22/06  221 in doctor's office in the afternoon
6/22/06  219 late afternoon
6/22/06  215 bedtime - yes 8 pounds in one day - all liquid
6/23/06  213.5 a.m.
6/23/06  212 1p.m. back to hospital check in weight - not counting the
difference in scales.  From here on out - its the real thing!!

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