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  • Comment by XOoOoVEEoOoOX 1/16/07 1:30 am
    Congrats on your surgery! I will keep you in my thoughts!
  • Comment by kemartin1 1/14/07 9:09 pm
    Congrats on your surgery. We all are praying for you!
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Amillionriles's Blog
Amillionriles's Blog

First post!

posted 10/27/06 2:08 am

Hello everyone, 

so here I am, here is my first post, and i'm very excited to finally start blogging.. 

I decided to get WLS in July of 2006. I had thought about it years ago, but banned the thought from my mind immediately. As i have matured, I now know that this will be a great change in my life. I will be enhancing myself. 

I am now half way through the pre-op stuff.. I had my first consult, i had my psych evaluation, i've gone to group therapy.. had my labs.. now all i need to do is go to the nutritionist and have my final consult.. Then I will get my date and my journey will begin!! Very exciting!!! 

Everyone on this site has been a true inspiration.. Please add me! i need friends here!! 

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