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  • Comment by XOoOoVEEoOoOX 1/16/07 1:30 am
    Congrats on your surgery! I will keep you in my thoughts!
  • Comment by kemartin1 1/14/07 9:09 pm
    Congrats on your surgery. We all are praying for you!
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Amillionriles's Blog
Amillionriles's Blog

I don't know when I should have my surgery

posted 10/30/06 2:48 am

So, It's coming to the nitty gritty, I'm almost there! 

I have my nutritionist appointment, then after that, I will schedule my surgery. 

Should I schedule it before Christmas or after Christmas.. I'm so torn. 

Because of course, the soon the better, but then there is the whole idea of food around the holidays.. Would i be torturing myself??

Also, my good friend of mine, a coworker, she doesn't want me to get the surgery because she doesn't have a good feeling, and also because she doesn't want me to be a size 8. Isn't that weird? I pray to GOD that i am a size 8 someday. 

Anyway, give me your two cents.. What should i do!

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