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Raymond Georgen, M.D.
My impression of Dr. Georgen is positive and his office staff is also nice each time I speak with them. They emphasize pre and post op care which I'm happy about and addressed all of the risks that have to do with surgery. I feel I'm informed and educated with the help of them. rnThe day before my surgery and since, Dr. Georgen has been super positive and upbeat with me.. making me feel comfortable the whole time I get to see him. I would say all my q's were answered before I saw him, but he was willing to go over everything that would happen, possibly happen and etc... I've been extremely pleased.
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  • Comment by Princess T. 9/12/06 12:09 pm
    Hows it looking from the other side? Can't wait to join you! Hope it was smooth and uneventful...Here's to a speedy recovery and a lifetime of fun and happiness.
  • Comment by pasquale 9/12/06 12:09 pm
    Hi Ann glad your surgery went well. I want to welcome you to the losing side. Have a speedy recovery. Fran
  • Comment by Caryl Mauk 9/12/06 11:45 am
    Glad to hear your surgery went well. I hope your recovery is nice and smooth!
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AnnieWI's Blog
AnnieWI's Blog

March 5, 2007 - Weight Update, support group and 6 month appt

posted 3/5/07 9:31 am
I'm down to 308lbs -- I'm very happy to be going DOWN rather than UP!   Ticker Factory has a new Weight Chart to show changes that I've incorporated here.

My Weight Chart:
Weight Chart

I went to another Support Group meeting tonight held by the surgical center that I had my surgery through.  We discussed HEAD HUNGER and related topics.  I guess it would have been more enjoyable if there wasn't this woman that was SO INCREDIBLY ANNOYING!  UGH@!!!  She drove me nuts!  I'm not sure why she got under my skin so much... but geez.. every time she spoke, I cringed!  
Last month's support group was all about plastic surgery and there was no time to discuss things amongst ourselves.
Oh and we have to pay per visit to this support group!  I can't believe I'm paying to go to a support group! 
I really wish there was a better venue in the area for me to go and talk with people who have had the surgery and we can talk about what we want to talk about.  There's always an adgenda each month, which is nice to get the discussion going and move it along.. but sometimes, it's nice to just talk on our own.  Sigh.


My goal for this next month is to get myself MOVING!  I really need to start walking and/or get onto the treadmill.  I also NEED to cut out the carbs I've allowed myself to indulge in.  And the sweets!  I really want to kick start my weight loss again.  

I go in for my six month appointment next week on the 12th, so this week I need to go in and get my lab work done.  

When I went in to weigh myself with the nurse, I told her about an episode I had this morning.  I was still in bed, just waking up and stretching a little when all of a sudden I started feeling sick.  I ended up having to rush to the bathroom where I got sick.. there was nothing in my stomach to get sick on, so it made it that much worse.  Afterward, I felt shaky and weak.  I eventually made it downstairs to the living room where I ended up going to sleep for a few hours.  I awoke feeling better and ended up being able to eat something but I still felt shaky and weak.  
The nurse suggested I get the lab work done ASAP  and then make an earlier appt if I still felt icky.  
I plan to get my labs done tomorrow, so I can maybe stop in at the end of the week for an appt.

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