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  • Comment by HelpMeRhonda !! 8/10/04 12:18 am
    Many prayers and blessings for a safe and uneventful journey. 7/10/02 OPEN RNY
  • Comment by Huffy2800 8/9/04 1:26 pm
    We will soon be welcoming you to the losing side. Best of luck with your new life!
  • Comment by saw_1976 8/9/04 6:04 am
    Good Luck! WOW were having our procedure through the same WLS center. My surgeon is Dr.Kuhn. I hope to meet you soon. I will be praying for you! Take care!
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asalaz's Blog
asalaz's Blog

Lapband slipped & pending revision to gastric bypass
January 16, 2012 5:34 am
Hello Friends,

I haven't posted in a long time.  I had my original lapband surgery in August of '04.  I lost 95 pounds, had 2 babies, 14 months apart, pregnancies were great! only gained 11 & 13 pounds with each and lost the weight by the time I went home.

In March of 2009, when my second baby was 6 months old, I started gaining weight and have not been able to get back on track. 

Due to problems with my insurance, I was not able to go see my doctor or get fills for a while, but my weight was stable. I then found a place that does fills for $50 bucks and went to see them.  They did it under fluro and found that my band had slipped, unfilled me and referred me back to my surgeon. 

On 1-4-12, I had my band removed and my surgeon wants to do my next surgery in 6 weeks.  He suggested the gastric bypass instead of the sleeve, because of my history with reflux.   I am gaining weigh like crazy!!!  and I am so nervous already, can't wait for my next surgery because I know that I still can't do this without it. 

I'm wondering what is different with this and the lapband or are things pretty much the same?  Any help/advice/suggestions are greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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