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Elmer L. Valin, M.D.
My first impression was fine. I didn't think much about it. He was dressed like a doctor and looked good. He made a good first impression.
Over time he confirmed my first impression. He was great, professional and so far it seems that he was a skilled surgeon.
The office staff has been very good. I have not asked anything of them other than the normal office stuff and they have been great.
There is nothing that I would really say I did not like about him or his staff.
Future patients should know that he does not talk much and he is busy so you will not see him often. His wife who works in the office can answer any question that you have and probable knows more than he does about the surgery. I don't mean that literally but she is very knowlegable.
They have support group meetings that I have yet to due to the distance. It was stressed that people who attend support group meetings have a better chance for success.
The risks of surgery were explained during my consoltation.
Overall, I would rate him and his staff highly. I have nothing nagitive to report. Like I said earlier he is quiet so when he visited me in the recovery room, there was not much interaction other than the obvious Doctor - patient questions. I can't subtract points for that.
Scott William's Blog
Scott William's Blog

5+ years post-op and still hanging around.

posted 2/3/11 3:56 pm
Most people who come here don't stay.  They come, get the info that they need and vanish.  There stay is in the one year range.

For some reason, I have been here pretty steady for all that time.  I think that it''s one of the things that keeps me honest and in touch with my surgery.  My hunch is that when people start to fail or if they are not as successful as they think they should be, they disappear instead of staying and getting help.  Maybe I am wrong and they have wonderful success and thay don't need OH any more.  Anyway, I'll have more on this with my next blog post in about 5 years.

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