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Get below 200 lbs
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be able to play with my children and not get short of breath.
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have my children proud of me.
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be a traveling nurse after my children are finished with school.
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Surgeon Testimonial

Ravindra Mailapur
I had heard of Dr. Mailapur, but had not yet met him when I called his office to get information. The receptionist put me on hold, and the doctor picked up the phone to talk with me. That really impressed me that he cared enough to speak with me before I had even met him. When I did meet him, I was equally impressed. Very knowledgeable and his staff pleasant and helpful. I attended the free public seminar and then was able to get an office appointment rather quickly. I did have to pay the consult fee up front ($175). He told me after that, I would only be responsible for the copay on subsequent visits. Being a nurse at the hospital where he operates, I have been able to talk with nurses who take care of his patients postoperatively, and they have had nothing but great things to say about him, and several co-workers had the surgery, and were very happy with him. I'm looking forward to starting this new chapter in my life! I have nothing negative to say about Dr. Mailapur...I think he's wonderful!rnrnApril 5, 2007rnHome from the hospital today and I'm still very impressed with Dr. Mailapur. He came by my hospital room this morning to remind me of the \"rules\" and that he has given me a \"tool\" and it's up to me to make the best use of it. He's very caring, and I'd have to rate him A++++!
Member Interests
  • Crafts - I love beadwork, crocheting, embossing.
  • Musical Performance - My daughter & I take in Contemporary Christian Concerts frequently.
  • Music - Christian Rock/Pop/hip-hop/punk & some rap I enjoy.
  • Scrapbooks - My absolutely FAVORITE thing to do!
  • Sewing - My Mom taught me to sew when I was 7 or 8 years old; I still enjoy it!
  • Nintendo Gamecube - Crazy Taxi is one of my favorite Gamecube games to play with the kids.
  • Comedy - My favorite movies are comedies and action/adventure.
  • Model Trains - I enjoy the HO scale trains.
  • RN - I've been in nursing for about 25 years, and LOVE IT!
  • Gardening - My husband and I love working in the yard with flowers and vegetables.

Latest Surgery Support Comments

  • Comment by proud_mama2 4/2/07 11:45 am
    Becki, I hope everything went well with your surgery. I will be praying for you. I can't wait to see what awesome results you are going to have a the great changes that are coming to your life. Keep me posted!
  • Comment by Missy_niner 4/2/07 10:56 am
    Good luck on your surgery. Missy
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My name is Becki, and I'm 47 years old.  I've been a nurse for over 20 years, and I've struggled with my weight since I was about 12 years old.  I've tried so many ways to lose weight over the years, but seems the only significant thing I've lost is money.  April 2, 2007, was the start of a new ME!  Dr. Mailapur has given me the tool to help me achieve my weight loss goal!   I've lost over 100# as of Thanksgiving, and still have about40# to go.
bamabex's Blog
bamabex's Blog

Post-op Gallbladder surgery
April 28, 2008 6:06 am
I've had gallbladder issues for many years, but it had increased substantually over the last several month, which is common with rapid weight loss.  I had it removed in same-day surgery on Wednesday, and I'm heading back to work this week.  I was very happy Dr. Mailapur could do this surgery for me as well.  I trust him wholeheartedly, and feel safe in his care.

I can't begin to verbalize what a transformation has taken place over the last year.  I'm half the woman I used to be.  I've now lost 130# from my highest of 307.  From a size 28 to a 14.  I look at pictures of me from before and wonder "who is that woman?" 

No regrets.  Looking forward to next spring so I can have my tummy-tuck and get rid of the "excess baggage" around my middle.  It's great to live life.
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Welcome, Spring!
March 27, 2008 11:32 pm
We flew to Houston on 3/7 for Daniel's wedding.  First time I've flown since losing weight.  It was actually a pleasant experience, not needing to embarass myself by asking the flight attendant for the extension piece of the seatbelt...buckling the regular belt, and pulling it to TIGHTEN it!  What a wonderful feeling!

The Wedding was beautiful, and I've added a few pictures from the occasion.  My dress is a size 16P, and I was actually happy to have my picture taken, rather than hiding behind everyone/everything else.

Johnny and I celebrated our 9th anniversary on 3/20, and went to our favorite restaurant, the Olive Garden.  One bowl of Pasta Fagouli soup, a little salad, and 1/2 of a bread stick....big difference from a year ago!  I could eat the bowl of salad, 3 bowls of soup, and polish off about 6 bread sticks!  I'm currently at 178#, and wearing a size 14.  

Spring Break was spent at Myrtle Beach.  Windy, but had a wonderful time!  Heading to Seattle in two weeks to visit friends that I haven't seen since I've lost weight...looking forward to getting more pictures for my before/after collection!

Easter is a time of New Life, and I sure am enjoying mine!  I thank God and Dr. Mailapur for giving me a new start, and my family for helping me adjust in the critical first year.  I have my 1 year follow-up on April Fool's day.  No jokes for me!
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Into a size MEDIUM scrub pants!!!!
February 21, 2008 11:58 am
I had been noticing my Large scrub pants were getting a little baggy, so I bought some Mediums yesterday at Wal-Mart and wore them to work today!  I can't recall a time when I could wear Medium pants in my adult life.  What a wonderful boost to my self-esteem.  I so happy to be "average" in size, rather than QUEEN-Sized.

My stepson, Daniel, is getting married in Texas on March 9, so I'm looking forward to family photos for a change!  Johnny & I are taking a cruise in May, so I'm looking forward to being able to enjoy without feeling like everyone is staring at me, as I felt before when I was over 300#.

No Regrets for this girl!
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Ushering in 2008...
January 24, 2008 9:57 am
This time last year I would have never thought so many dreams/goals would be accomplished.  Lost 100#...check, go back to work full-time...check, NOT have people stare at me when I go anywhere...check.  WOW!  It's fun going to the mall and looking at clothes in "normal" sizes, and they actually fit!  It still amazes me when I'm doing laundry and hold up my jeans or scrub pants and they look so little, and know that they actually fit ME.  I'm down 125# and need to lose about 25 more.  I haven't gone to the gym as much during the holidays, but I need to get back on my program now that my one year appt. is coming up on April 3rd, I want to reach my goal and plan for my tummy-tuck!
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the end is near...
December 3, 2007 11:26 am
It's hard to believe it's December already.  I'm now 8 months post-op.  I remember in the first few days after surgery thinking/imagining what I may have accomplished by Christmas.  It's beyond my wildest dreams!  It's gone by much faster than I had anticipated.  120# less of me.  That's another whole person.  When I look back at my "before" pictures, I find it hard to believe that the QUEEN-sized woman is actually me.  

As I walk to my car to and from work, the walkway across the street is somewhat reflective, and I used to look at myself walking by.  It's been neat to watch myself shrink week by week, month by month.  Although I'm at a plateau for now, I've gone from a 3-4X to a women's Large top and pants. 

I'm hoping to be able to have my tummy-tuck this spring, as my major excess is still my belly that sags.  I could probably be in mediums if it weren't for my saggy belly.  The doctor told me not to worry; we'll get that taken care of soon enough.  My dream is to wear a bathing suit and not be embarassed.  

It's nice to be more active, and not be short of breath.  It's also nice for people I haven't seen very often to notice what a difference in me.  I'm thankful for Dr. Maliapur's wonderful care in helping me to regain control.
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My Story

Growing up, I was the one called "skinny minnie" but you'd never guess that now.  In looking back, I was just an average-sized child, but in comparison to my parents and older sister who were considerably overweight, I appeared like that. 

I've always been the athlete of the family, being really involved in softball since 4th grade.  Rode my bike all over and since we had a pool, swam alot, too.  It was probably about that time I gradually starting increasing in my weight.  Macaroni & cheese was my favorite food.  I also love bread.  Never much of a "chocoholic" but what kid doesn't like candy?  My dad would bring home "goodies" and of course, I indulged.  I love Coca-Cola....the REAL thing.  I would drink a lot of soda.  All these things led to my path towards obesity.

By the time I was in High School, I weighed 164 and stayed at that weight until I graduated in 1978.  I thought I was fat, but was only about 15 pounds overweight, and I was very athletic, so I never really worried about my weight.  I have NEVER had a "girlie" figure; boy's jeans fit me.  I'd buy ladies clothes a size or two bigger, just to fit in the waist. 

Then came my first job...McDonald's.  It didn't take long to start putting on weight and developing skin blemishes.  Every time I tried to go on a "diet" I seemed to gain weight.  At that time, the "fad" was low fat, high carb.  Well, when I would do that, of course I gained weight, and when I just ate what I wanted, I'd lose.  Too bad I didn't understand about low carb & high protein back then.  I may have saved myself alot of grief, but then I wouldn't be who I am today.

In college and nursing school, we had to eat cheaply.  Healthy, nutritious food is expensive.  What's affordable for people with limited income?  Carbs.  Not the "good" ones: pasta, rice, beans, pizza, sandwiches.  Fresh fruits and vegetables and lean meats are a luxury.  It shouldn't be that way. 

Then, in March of 1986, I was in an automobile accident in which I fractured my pelvis in two places, and several ribs.  Couldn't walk without crutches, but the crutches aggravated my broken ribs.  So, what did I do while I was off work?  Eat, sleep and watch TV.  Hurt too much to do anything else.  Gained about 30 pounds. 

When summer came around, I tried to play ball for my church team, but it hurt so bad to run, I ended up giving up my favorite sport.  A few months later, I tried to play tennis, but that, too, became so painful, I gave that up. 

I became a traveling nurse and went to Hawaii, and loved it.  Went to Atlanta for my next assignment, and then moved to Los Angeles to work as a recruiter for one of the travel nurse companies.  You definitely don't find southern hospitality there.  Especially for a young lady that is overweight. 

Hawaii was full of people that were heavy, and I fit right in.  I did get a bike and rode it to work, went to the gym and was in pretty good shape, but was still thinking that low fat was the way to go, but if you check out the regular and "lite" or "low fat" versions of food, the supposedly "healthier" version has many more carbs and sugars.  My weight stayed around 220, but had a lot of energy due to my activity. 

Married a Hawaiian young man and we moved to my hometown, Mobile (Alabama), and it was so hot and humid, I didn't continue the exercising like I had been accustomed to, so the weight crept up.  He was also jealous, so I guess he thought if I stayed fat, other guys wouldn't pay me any attention, so he sabotaged any effort to lose weight.  He also became abusive.  I thought it was my fault.  I ate for comfort.  Gained more weight.

Eventually moved back to Hawaii, had two children, and I've been in the 290's ever since.  My "baby" turned 13 in September of 2006, and I'm still the same weight I was at term with him in 1993.

I divorced my children's father in 1998, and re-married in 1999 to a man who loves me just the way I am.  I tried many weight loss programs over the years, and the only one that every really seemed to work, was the Somersize Program by Suzanne Somers.  I lost 50# in 5 months in 2003, but I elected to have hemorrhoid surgery, and after that, it was impossible to eat high protein foods.  Hurt to pass them.  So, it was easy to eat easily digestable foods: macaroni, mashed potatoes, etc.  and the weight gradually crept back up.

My insurance in Arizona didn't cover the surgery, and with a husband and 4 kids, I couldn't afford it on my own.  After returning to Alabama in 2003, I worked at a hospital that did about 20 bariatric surgeries weekly, and was planning on having it done, but the day I was inquiring with my boss about the best time to take a month off work, I slipped and fractured my kneecap, and ended up out of work, lost my insurance, and sunk deep into depression.  Almost lost my house.  Thankfully, God provided during these difficult times.

I was able to work part-time in a clinic, then had my knee surgery in November of 2005.  Had to go back after 3 months to per-diem status, as I was still having difficulty with my knee.  By October of 2006, I was able to return to hospital nursing part-time.  I still have quite a bit of pain in my knee, but I love taking care of my oncology patients.  Makes my problems seem so much smaller in comparison to what they are going through.

I have considered bariatric surgery for about 6 years.  I've done a lot of research, spoken with many, many people who have had the surgery, and the comment I hear more than anything else is "I wish I had done it sooner."  I wanted to, but roadblocks kept popping up, so I guess it wasn't my time yet.  Now, the doors are opening wide, and I'm READY to go through and succeed.

I know surgery is a tool, not an instant gratification for a problem I've had for over 20 years.  Being a nurse, I feel like such a hypocrite telling patient to stop smoking since it's bad on their health, when I'm 150# overweight.  I need to be an example.  I want to be able to play softball again.  To play tennis, ride a bike and all the other things I've missed out on for many years due to my weight problem.  I want to be a traveling nurse again after my kids are out of school.  I want to LIVE.  I want to be an inspiration and someone my children, husband, mom, sister, and assorted relatives can be proud of, but most importantly, to be a positive witness to Jesus Christ, in whom all things are possible.

addendum: Now, December of 2007, I am 8 months post-op and the girls at work call me skinny minnie, just like my dad did when I was about 4 or 5!  I actually am NOT skinny, but to those who knew me before WLS, I am!  I'm not the BIG MAMA I was....I'm Little Mama now!  I feel so much better, and it's wonderful to shop for clothes in the ladies or juniors department!  It's hard to describe what losing 120# feels like.  AMAZING is what comes to mind!