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Take all my vitamins - everyday
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To lose 10 lbs
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Reach a BMI of 25 or below
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have sex with lights on and feel good
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Drink 64 oz water everday
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Surgeon Testimonial

Myriam Curet, M.D.
Just got off the phone w/ the patient coordinator & she informed me they might be able to get me in SOONER then 12/17/03 (if I can get all of my pre-op tests completed sooner). WOOHOOO!!

One thing that I felt was rather disturbing is that it felt like the patient coordinator from the surgeons office and the PCPs asst. were giving me the run around on if the operation was going to be covered by my insurence or not & at what % ?!? I really had to pin the 2 of them down to get a straight answer, but i finally did get the YES ITS COVERED answer i was looking for.

I havent seen Dr. Curet or Dr. Baptista. My appointment w/ Dr. Baptista is scheduled for Dec. 03.
I am still in the beginning stages of the journey. But i tell you, it is really reassuring to see that so many people have used her as their surgeon.
Feels like, even here in the Bay Area, I am not alone!
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  • Comment by Stacey M. 4/22/04 3:46 am
    Miss Candace - My thoughts and prayers are with you today on your rebirth-day! Best of luck to you girl.
  • Comment by Darlilly1313 4/20/04 3:19 pm
    Miss Candace, congratulations on the start of your wls journey! I wish you all the best
  • Comment by Melissa S. 4/20/04 3:35 am
    My prayers will be with you as you go through the surgery and recovery. May your strength be restored; your recovery be swift and your tender heart be renewed.
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Miss Candace's Blog
My Journey

GERD & Allergic reactions...
February 28, 2012 10:40 pm
So now... once you have a WLS & /or revision & along with the wonderful weightloss, you begin to experience certain side effects. Say for instance dumping, GERD, hair loss and/or allergic reactions such as itching. At some point, you ask yourself, was it really worth it?!?! 
I know darn well I didnt have GERD prior to my GBS on 04. Now its not pretty...I really have to be careful about eating stuff w/tomato sauce & cant have foods that contain lots of onion, bell peper or garlic. COME ON MAN!!! IM PUERTO RICAN - those are main ingredients in like all of our dishes!
Since the GBS in 04, Ive taken many brands of both Soy & Whey proten w/ no issue. However, for some reason, after my Stomaphyx in Feb. 2012, I began itching from head to toe (literally) after taking the Bariatric Advantage Protein. While the allergic reaction didnt start right away, I think Ive built up an intolerance to it - like, after a month of this stuff, my body is saying aiight heffa, enough is enough! Perhaps its just that brand (havent tried it before the procedure in feb) & Im not 100% sure that its the protein powder - but what else could it be?!?!? Its not my body wash or detergent. Ya, could be nerves, but thats never happened before.

I made an appt w/ the allergist & talked to the NUT yesterday about my allergy issue (to either soy or whey protein). She said it was OK for me to move into the "soft foods" phase, but i like & have gotten accustomed to doing the liquid thing...
I really do want to continue what ive been doing for the past 4 weeks b/c i see me making progress. Im afraid that if i start another phase, i'll stop losing weight & Im no where near ready for that. She said i could continue on the liquids & that it was OK to try other protein powders (like egg protein).

So i guess im on the protein hunt again. I hate that... wasting money on different powders & when they dont work, having to toss them. But all in all, i still have to say that this has been worth it. I guess i just have to adjust my eating & change my habits to adapt to this new life style.

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