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Ashley's Blog

Week 167 Post-Op

posted 2/14/12 3:42 pm
Hey Everyone,

So this past week was a bit disappointing for me. I did great all week with my food since Iáhad a coldáMonday-Thursday,áand then Saturday was my V-day celebration with the boy so I enjoyed myself, the food I ate wasn't necessarily the problem it was most likely the alcohol consumption. Iáwoke up and weighed in at 275 on Sunday, 1 pound heavier than last Sunday which I had already gained 3 lbs when I weighed in 274 lbs. Needless to say, I wasn't a happy girl on Sunday. No more alcohol for me anytime soon.

I only managed to workout Wednesday and Thursday since I was feeling yucky at the beginning of the week.

I really have to step it up this week. I worked out on Sunday, so my plan is to workout tonight and then Thursday.
I decided to start this week out doing a 3 day egg fast, I really need to bust through this stalling back and forth Iáhave going on. I just really want to see the scale backádown to the 250-260 range.
A really greatáNSV-I hadn't seen my sister in a few months and my mom Iáhadn't seen in a few weeks, I went to visit them on Sunday and they could really tell Iáwas losing, so the exercising really does seem to be Iáhave no excuse to not be doing it.
The weight loss challenge I'm running started on Monday, so I have a goal to lose 10 lbs during the 6 week challenge. I have 5 weeks left, I really hope I can push through and get these 10 lbs off. Sorry Iáwas late updating..I will post again next week. Thanks for reading!

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