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Ashley's Blog
Ashley's Blog

Week 169 Post-Op

posted 2/23/12 6:16 am
Hi Everyone,

I wanted to give a quick update, I've been so busy with everything, and managing the current weight loss challenge and keeping track of that is making me forget about my blog. I weighed in on Sunday at 271, so I was able to lose those unwanted pounds Iágained during V-day weekend. The egg fast went surprisingly well. It was very manageable and easy to stick with. My band has been really well lately also, I haven't had a stuck episode since the last one I reported a few weeks ago so that's great. I think I'm just going to stick with this current fill level for awhile and see how far Iácan get with only the 1 cc. Iáhave been doing really well with the water intake this week but slacking on the exercise. I have only exercised 1 day this week so far. So I'm hoping to work out tonight and tomorrow. We shall see what happens. Iáwill update again next week. Thanks for reading.

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