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I will live a lighter life....internally and externally..
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John Morton
I think he is confident and skilled and very hard working from the experience I had with him. I never really got to spend much time talking to him however he is very very busy. I saw his fellows more than I actually saw him. rnSnappy dresser. He sure likes his clothes. I would say he is very competent as a surgeon....didnt spend enough time with him to be able to comment on his bedside manner. Not warm and fuzzy but not a grouch either. rnrnThe office staff was great. Monica and Meg were on the dime and helped me with everything I needed. I was grateful they were there for me. He is lucky to have them on his side. rnrn
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  • Comment by laura P. 1/17/08 7:50 am
    happy birthday Noel, you are such a positive influence on this board, I know nothing but good will come your way! laurap.
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    Happy, Happy Birthday Noel you sexy mama! XOXO 'Anake
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    Happy Happy Birthday to you!! Sassylady
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blessmysunnysoul's Blog
blessmysunnysoul's Blog

MY Micromilk recipie

posted 8/19/07 11:04 am
Happy Sunday!!!
I thought i would share my kitchen experiment with you all today. 
I am truly a pain in the butt when it comes to the protein portion of our regime.
I cant stand the protein drinks at this point they are making me way nauseated and I need my protein. The micellar milk is good but I cannot  still take  in large volumes of anything (40g of protein in 17 oz of fluid ) And i live 30 miles away from town,so i went to my kitchen to think up something, and this is what i came up with. 

I had a request for the carbs protein and calorie content of the micro milk so i have done the calculations and revised it and am posting it here and in my profile. 

Noels Micro Milk :)
8oz of skim milk 
4 scoops of Any Whey powder ( no flavor added) 
put in the blender and blend for 30 seconds 

add 4 more scoops of Any Whey powder 
blend for about 45 seconds til its well blended ... it will be very thick like a milk shake

now add another cup of milk to make it thinner and blend.

its very much like liquid creamer at this point(taste like mild canned milk)  and I put 4 tablespoons ( 2 oz ) and had a delicious foamy cup of creamy coffee that had  to 30.4 grams of protein in it. (15.4g per fluid oz)

You can use this mixture in anything that u can put  milk in but i thought it was pretty cool that u can get about 30g of protein in 2 oz of fluids that u can add to most anything. (small volume and high protein thats what im talkin bout!!!!)

I am not sure what the shelf life is yet but i put mine in a canning jar and shake it well before using it and it makes this great foam kinda like a latte I am going to try taking some of  the concoction and add in some sweetener and vanilla to it tomorrow for breakfast coffee to see how it taste.

69 calories per ounce
15.4 g protein per ounce 
11.2g carbs per ounce.


Disclaimer: my dietary measurements are rudimentary but pretty much in the ballpark.

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