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Lose as much weight as I possibly can and hopefully regain my health!
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Adolfo Fernandez
I'm now twenty-four months out from surgery and feeling great! I have now lost 202.3 pounds. I love my RNY.

My surgeon was Adolfo Fernandez in Winston-Salem, NC. His nickname is "Fuzz". Two of my friends also had him do their surgery; together they have lost over 350 pounds (one in fourteen months and the other in two years). Both absolutely LOVED him and I now know why.

I am extremely pleased with my results. And I am very confident in Fuzz's abilities. I was and remain very impressed.

His support staff is the best!! Very informative and interested in getting everyone on the right track and providing the very best care their patients.

Here is a link to his bio:
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  • Comment by Kathy S. 4/1/08 3:39 am
    Get ready for WOW moment after WOW moment my friend! We are here to help in any way we can. Take care, Kathy
  • Comment by Kellie_B 4/1/08 2:15 am
    Welcom to the loser's bench!!! I am so excited for you and look forward to walking this journey by your side. Take care, hugs and let us know how your doing when ya can. Kellie
  • Comment by Kristie T. 3/31/08 7:26 pm
    Sending many warm well wishes your way and Wishing you a Speedy Recovery, relax and enjoy this amazing Ride..
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Tidbits From My WLS Journey

30 Months After My RNY Surgery

posted 10/3/10 4:09 pm

Down 208 pounds at my thirty-month surgiversary...
A little bit older; but a lot thinner and healthier for the most part!

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