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Wear a bathingsuit in public and be proud!
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first, get below 200#'s...
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Go shopping in a regular sized store.
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I want to get out of the X's (2X,3X)
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To be able to make love to my husband w/the lights on!!!!!
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Surgeon Testimonial

Alejandro Aguirre M.D.
My first impression of Dr. Aguirre was pure comfort. From the moment we met I was at ease. The staff all worked with me very well and even though I hardly know any spanish they never seemed frustrated with me, it was like they understood exactly what I was saying...Dr Aguirre and the 2 other doctors have been to see me everyday. I would give him a 10 every time. My incision was sticted with such a delicate hand, I can imagine the scar will be hardly noticable once I'm healed. Dr. Aguirre promised me this one thing, that he can not promise that I wouldn't have issues with my surgery but he did promise he would take care of me, and he did just that..He expressed the importance of sticking to the diet in order to be successful. I would do this over again a million time.
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  • Comment by mrsmabrya 8/2/09 5:49 am
    hey should now be over on the post-op day is tomorrow...wishing you success on the WL journey!
  • Comment by JustMeee0609 8/1/09 4:06 am
    Congrats Chana! Hope all goes well in your healing process, I hope to be joining you on the losers bench soon. Sending prayers for you. Linda
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chanakurtz's Blog
chanakurtz's Blog

Not the size of the ship...but the motion in the ocean

posted 1/6/13 7:19 am

I'm just coming into the discovery that it really doesnt not matter what size jeans I wear...its the effort I put into affirming myself and those around me...its not how much I work out or cut back on foods that are not so good for me, but the effort/motion in acknowledging that I am a good person and I deserve the best of everything God has for me....

A while back I came up with the quote, "the human palate for approval is insatiable." The truth is, no matter how good we think we look, how good we pretend to feel, its still not enough because we have not dealt with the core or root of how we see ourselves...somehow we have allowed life to beat us up and get us in a place we will never feel worthy...well its time out for that...  all of us in this forum has made a huge, life altering decision to change our lives and even if we dont "look" like we thought we would yet, we must admit this is much better than before...I am guilty of this one thing...I have said I was more confident when I was fat...what a lie? I just used my fat as an excuse not to care about what I accountability...

I have decided I will not go to plastics until I can accept me for where I am...NOPE, I dont like the wrinkles in my thighs or the hanging breast...I dont like the extra skin on my arms or my stomach...however, after all of that...what do I like about ME? The flesh cannot continue to be the measuring stick for your soul...dig deep and find those good things about yourself that far outweighs extra skin...I promise the sooner you can accept yourself for where you are, the better off making decisions to change the NOW you, will be better....

2013 is a new year, the year of the Open not allow foolishness, and old issues continue to hinder you from your rightful place....its nothing you can't do when you have the key to open the doors set before you...

No more beating yourself more lying to YOU...stop making promises to others you can't keep to yourself...this journey is narrow and very long..embrace it as a part of your life...if you fall...dust yourself off...get up and keep it moving...we all make mistakes and we will continue until we pass on...remember its not what you do, its how you respond...take the high road..this journey is not for the squeemish...

I encourage you to embrace YOU today!!! If you want to change you, change you, not because someone else thinks you should but because you are ready to "see" yourself different....

Happy New Years!!!

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