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  • Comment by DebbieJean W. 6/4/08 8:28 am
    Today's the day Claudia! I pray everything went well for you! I'm right behind you and I'll be running to catch up.
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This ticker is only my first goal - 190!  I'll get there...

Starting weight....263
Week 1...about 10
Week 2...aboout 7
Week 3...about 5
Week 4...about 1...

claud_nyne's Blog
claud_nyne's Blog

2 weeks out!!
June 18, 2008 5:29 am i am...feeling great!  everything is getting so much easier.  im in hardly any pain.  im still having trouble getting in all the required water but im sure that will get better to.  ive lost 16 lbs in 2 weeks.  not bad if you ask me.  originally i thought i had lost 22 but the scale i was using was one of those old ones where the little thing rotates.  i didnt trust that thing at all so i went and bought a new digital one.   according to the new one ive only lost 16 lbs.   i shouldnt complain cause i think we all know that those are 16 lbs that i would not have lost without the surgery.  AND...if by some miracle i had lost would NOT have been in two weeks.  16 lbs is awesome.  people are already telling me that they can see the loss.  im loving this surgery!
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5 days post-op
June 8, 2008 6:12 am
well im home!  and feeling awesome!   it went great and i have an appointment in two weeks.  i didnt have my surgery with dr. patel afterall.  it was still with the weightwise program but dr gonzalez performed the surgery.  first they told me that it would be the two of them working together (from my understanding they usually work together) so i met him and he seemed awesome.  AT THE LAST MINUTE...they tell me that it will be only be dr. gonzalez and some other assisting surgeon.  well since i had already met dr. gonzalez (and i liked him...cute to if i may add) i went ahead with it.  i have to admit i was a liitle bothered but i continued.  like i said, everything went great.  the pain was there but i can handle it.  i think the scariest part was that i was having pain when i drank anything.  i was told it was due to the swelling.  i was afraid of leaving the hospital and becoming dehydrated or something...just me being now its pretty much gone.  i can drink with hardly any pain.  the only pain left is gas that i still have.  its embarrassing to say but i wish i could just take a GIANT fart or a GIANT burp....but i cant.  slowly but surely im burping it out..usually after some sips of water.  the other pain left is in my abdomen but it just feels like i just finished a major ab workout.  i was given some pain medication and some for the nausea.  i really dont need the pain medication and i havent even tried the nausea one.  

uh...what else can i tell you...i have seven little incisions...i know it seems like a lot.  i didnt think it would be that many but whatever.  the biggest is about an inch long which is where they removed the stomach from.  the rest are probably a little less that half an inch or smaller.  HARDLY any brusing but i dont bruise easily...oh and let me tell you...i had my surgery at foundation bariatric hospital which is right next to dr. patel's office and the care was amazing.  no complaints what-so-ever.  they treated me like a queen.  they took time to make conversation with me...even my parents were impressed by the hospital. going on and on.  so far...i have no regrets not even with the pain...hopefully that thought continues.  i remember waking up and thinking...."OMG i did it"....second thought was "ouch."  i never thought it would actually happen...but here i am.  

if anyone has any questions...please ask...i know how helpful this website has been to me and all i can do in return is help someone else....
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this picture makes me so sad but hopeful...
May 11, 2008 2:05 pm
this picture is about 70 pounds ago.  ugh...i miss my waistline...

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May 10, 2008 11:03 am so nervous but excited!  my date is coming up soon.  there are so many things running through my head though.  the main issue is that im afraid that im paying so much money and WHAT IF i dont lose any weight.  these thoughts scare me because i feel like setting myself for failure.  im trying to push them out of my mind.  at the same time, i try to think of the possibilities and how different my life will be if i do lose some weight.  im not expecting a miracle...i know that the weight loss is up to me...i have to do my part...

a friend of mine just showed me an old picture of myself.  it was taken about 4 years ago.  im the bat in the center.  that is the lowest weight i have been at in a LONG TIME...190.  that was about 70 pounds ago  (it hurts just to type that).  i was so serious about my diet at that time and i know i can do it again.  even at 190 i had so much confidence.  i would be so happy just to get back to that weight.  anything beyond that...i would be in heaven!  

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i almost have a date....!
April 20, 2008 10:30 am
so here i am...still figuring out how to make this surgery a so close i can smell it though...

let me bring you all up to a teacher and the insurance i have does not cover any sort of huh? well im determined to get it either way.  i can wait another year and teach at a district that does cover it but i feel like im playing a race with time.  i really dont want to wait any longer.  i want to have this surgery while i can afford it cause i would like to leave teaching and go back to school.  i KNOW i wont be able to afford it if i become a student again.  and besides...i want the gastric sleeve and not too many insurances cover it. at least thats the way it seems. 

ive saved my money and at one point i was planning to have the surgery done in mexico.  the doctor seemed like a great one but my parents where a little nervous about having it done there.  to cut a long story short...thanks to my sister and her husband, they helped me find a wonderful doctor in san antonio and his price is only like $1000 more.  not too bad.  well i have done everything there is to do like the psych evaluation and visit to the nutritionist.  all i have to do now is choose a date.  they have giving me options but i cant decide.  it all depends if i can teach summer school.  ughh...i not a exaclty a fan of summer school but its good money and i need it to pay for surgery.

either SOOO happy that im almost there...i can see the light at the end of the tunnel...
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My Story

my story...hmm...what can i say...?  well...long story short...ive been overweight all of my life.  i cant really say my weight has tormented me all my life to some MAJOR extreme, or atleast not as much as it has with others.  i dont really remember people teasing me over it.  im sure there were comments at one point or another but i dont really remember them affecting me much.  i dont know, i just hear about girls dropping out of school because of the teasing and stuff.  well im just happy that never happened to me.  one thing i can say, though, is that i do remember wanting to wear "cuter" clothes, wanting to shop at any store, wanting to feel like i "fit in" more.  

well this brings me to now.  despite the fact that i have always been overweight, i have gained about an additional 50 lbs in the past year.  ive lost weight in the past but i just cant keep the weight off...  i HAVE to do something about this.  i started thinking about WLS awhile back.  i guess i came to this website to see what else i can learn about it.  i look at peoples profiles constantly and i love to see what WLS has done for them.  now i want to see what it can do for me.  i know its not a miracle thing but i fully intend to put forth my own effort in order to succeed.  im really interested in the gastric sleeve.  i dont think gastric bypass is for me.  it just seems so much more invasive.  up until now the closest ive had to surgery is having my wisdom teeth pulled.  

well if anyone has any info they feel might help me PLEASE feel free to share.  i would greatly appreciate anything you have to say.