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Kuldeep Singh
My first impression of Dr. Singh was that he was a funny guy, a jokester. I went to one of his seminars and he was very personable, taking time to answer what I now know must be mundane questions. Over time, my appreciation for his good naturedness increased. He answered all of my questions (sometimes twice) and was available before and after my surgery for anything needed. His office staff is superb. He works with a nutritionist who has been of great help to me through my journey. His bariatric coordinator makes sure we keep our food diary and knows how to deliver tough love in a gentle way. Dr. Singh emphasizes after care. His office holds a support group meeting once a month and patients are told they are welcome to come into the office anytime they need. There have been times when I went in between appointments to get an accurate weight for myself and was always greeted warmly. I was told of the risks of my surgery beforehand and had the opportunity to talk to both my surgeon and my PCP about them to make sure I felt comfortable. Overall, I would say that Dr. Singh is a first class surgeon.
Member Interests
  • Fitness & Exercise - I love doing treadmill and the elliptical machine!
  • Music - I like a little bit of everything. Currently digging Katy Perry a lot.
  • Fashion - OMG!!! I have the ULTIMATE passion for fashion
  • Horror - I love a scary movie. Boo!

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Cleopatra_Nik's Blog
Cleopatra_Nik's Blog

I hate depression

posted 2/16/12 9:59 pm
I really don't have much more to say about that than that. That's the worst thing about depression (and I'm talking about depression in terms of biochemistry, not related to any one bad event) is that it robs my words. Steals my joy. Every day is ten times longer. Night cannot come soon enough. And sleep is my only comfort.

It passes. It always passes. But until it does...

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