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  • Comment by Lena0003 9/14/10 1:48 pm
    I hope your surgery went very smoothly today and you are now recoverying peacefully in your room! I am thinking about you, and like I said, be sure to let me know how you are doing as soon as you are up to it. I am sure everything went great!
  • Comment by bridget B. 8/14/10 7:57 pm
    congrats on getting a surgery date! I'm jealouse ;-) We must support each other thru our journery. My prayers are with you. will you be doing a liquid diet preop? Prevent constipation! Put benefiber in your shakes or water three times a day ;-) well, ttyl bb
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dani02's Blog
dani02's Blog

still feelin fat
posted 3/19/11 7:01 am
Well it has been six months since my surgery. I now weigh 167 pounds. I am told I look really thin. I have one woman who says I am anerexic (she is a different problem all toghether). Except that when I look at myself, and I mean when I look down to see if my pants are zipped, I see chubbs. But when I catch a look in a mirror I see thin. I know that this is very normal I just wish there was a happy medium. Some days I am happy with my new weight, some days I want to lose more and all this jiggling skin.

And I still am going places and looking to see if I am the heaviest person there. I need to make sure that I am not the fattest. I still feel like I am. So I will ask my family is that person bigger than me? I think I am driving them crazy. I know it's driving me crazy.

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