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  • Comment by Lena0003 9/14/10 1:48 pm
    I hope your surgery went very smoothly today and you are now recoverying peacefully in your room! I am thinking about you, and like I said, be sure to let me know how you are doing as soon as you are up to it. I am sure everything went great!
  • Comment by bridget B. 8/14/10 7:57 pm
    congrats on getting a surgery date! I'm jealouse ;-) We must support each other thru our journery. My prayers are with you. will you be doing a liquid diet preop? Prevent constipation! Put benefiber in your shakes or water three times a day ;-) well, ttyl bb
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dani02's Blog
dani02's Blog

still feelin fat

posted 3/19/11 7:01 am
Well it has been six months since my surgery. I now weigh 167 pounds. Iáam told I look really thin. I have one woman who says I am anerexic (she is a different problem all toghether). Except that when Iálook at myself, and I mean when I look down to see if my pants are zipped, Iásee chubbs. But when Iácatch a look in a mirror Iásee thin. I know that this is very normal I just wish there was a happy medium. Some days Iáam happy with my new weight, some days I want to lose more and all this jiggling skin.

And Iástill am going places and looking to see if Iáam the heaviest person there. Iáneed to make sure that Iáam not the fattest. Iástill feel like Iáam. So I will ask my family is that person bigger than me? I think I am driving them crazy. I know it's driving me crazy.

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