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Fit into the Peter Pan ride with my husband and Neice.
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Be able to have children someday /decrease pcos symptoms
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Wear a "normal" size
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Look and feel better about myself..
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wear a bathing suit with cofidence
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Robert Zane, M.D.
I just had my first consultation on 6/18/07 and he was great. Very nice and informative, straight to the point. We scheduled my surgery for July 10th!! I have my pre op sometime this week. Whew! 3wks till surgery.rnI rate Dr Zane a 10rn
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Dawnyel419's Blog
Dawnyel419's Blog


posted 8/1/07 3:58 am
Date        Wt        loss        total
7/10        217        0              0
7/17        203       14           -14
7/24        202        1            -15
7/31        198        4            -19
8/7          196        2            -21
8/14       194         1           -23

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