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Learn yoga
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Attend the ObesityHelp 2014 Conference!
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Have a visible collar bone
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I want to buy clothes in the normal size section of the store
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To hit the 100lbs lost mark by Christmas!
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Surgeon Testimonial

Ward, Dunnican
RIP Dr. Dunnican. I will be doing my happy dance at my two year appointment without you but you will certainly be there in my heart. Ward truly understood where we coming from and the struggles we had. A wonderful person and a brilliant surgeon. The WLS community has lost a bright star. He will be missed.
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  • Comment by Stacy S. 3/30/09 5:24 am
    Sending you the warmest of wishes your way for steady improvement day after day, And when you’re all recovered and feel good once more, May life treat you better than ever before!~ Sending you good vibes for a uneventful surgery and a speedy recovery !! ALL THE BEST
  • Comment by Renée M. 3/29/09 10:38 am
    Prayers for you tomorrow as you start the beginnin gof the rest of your life! Remember to sip and walk! You will do great!!!!
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debbie13's Blog
debbie13's Blog


posted 5/31/12 9:02 am
 Feeling very diconnected from a lot of things lately. The personal life seems to be falling apart, the battle with regain is not going in my favor, although it has stalled.

What does one do when feeling this disconnect? Me? I turn to food. Of course that is what so many of us do when things are tumultuos in our lives. We are seeking comfort and food is comfort. Am I doing anything different this time? Yeah, sorta. Watching the stuff I eat is never easy but when I do give in, it has been better for me stuff. Protein and veggies. Maybe that is why the battle stalled. Maybe I need to look into that a lttle more.

Eat better lose weight? Hmmmmmmm I may be onto something. 

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