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  • Comment by JodieBlonde 9/14/09 11:49 am
    Here's to the start of your new life! CHEERS!!! You've done so well pre-op I know you'll knock our socks off post op!
  • Comment by Vicki V. 9/14/09 7:43 am
    Hey Dee, I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. I know Dr. Garth will take good care of you. I'm looking forward to meeting you in person in Dallas. Get well soon!
  • Comment by Sarah448 9/14/09 7:29 am
    I will be thinking about you tomorrow Dee - you will do GREAT !!! You are in such good hands with Dr. Garth - everything will be fine and you will be on the road with me before you know it to Dallas.
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Deedles's Blog
Deedles's Blog

Dee's 2010 Promises

posted 12/31/09 10:44 am
I've never been very good at making or keeping New Years resolutions, and I'm not even sure I should call these goals. More like promises to myself.

Dee's 2010 Promises....

1. Start an exercise plan and stick to it even though it just downright hurts!
2. Plan more meals and do more 'real' cooking.
3. Continue to log my intake
4. Continue to stay on plan and resist temptations.
5. Hit my mini goal of 185lb by June
6. Get to my goal of 150 by Sept. 15....1 yr.

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