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  • Comment by sonatasmom1 2/12/10 5:47 am
    Best wishes today. I'm praying for you.
  • Comment by Blue_Rattie 2/8/10 2:31 pm
    Good luck today!!! =)
  • Comment by sabrina B. 2/8/10 7:13 am
    Your Big Day!! Yay!!! I will be thinking of you girl!! I know your gonna do just great!! Cant wait to hear back from you! :)
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Dianne_Shack's Blog
Dianne_Shack's Blog

Medicine update

posted 2/26/12 5:10 pm
I think the B12 shots have made a difference already. I haven't felt as
tired as ususal and dont feel like i need a nap mid afternoon..everyday.
Not sure about the Synthroid but i haven't been taking it long at all. But i hope
that I get straightened out.
Hope everyone is doing well..have a wonderful week!!

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