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djo1957's Blog
djo1957's Blog

How to Get Addicted to Exercise

posted 6/16/07 4:17 am
First off, beleive you CAN get addicted to exercise! I cringe when I hear people say "I've always been this way" - that is negative self talk in disguise.  Change that thought...thoughts are very powerful.

Also, when i first started my daily exercise, my inspiration was a 78 year old man (Bob) who jogged around my neighborhood.  Somehow, it occured to me watching Bob, that exercise is for as long as i live, not something that stops after I lose weight. 

If you been around more than a couple weeks, you may read some of my posts that basically give a personal exercise program FAR more credit in OTHER body health areas:  Exercise is not only for losing weight. Take that notion and put it lower on the list. 

Exercise does so many things:
stress relief
energy builder (for real - you will have MORE enery!)
immune booster
curve, tone maker
bone builder
builds capillaries all over your body to take work off your heart
helps cells get rid of oxidation
improves thinking
clears up skin
helps digestion
improves sleep patterns
helps with portion control (unless you are a competitor or have 2-3 hours a day to work out, you are only doing some slight damage control!) 

looking at that list, how could anyone NOT believe how wonderful exercise is and make time to do it on a regular basis. To me, it is the basic belief that it does wonderful things. 

Secondly, it takes a commitment to form a new habit. If you *always* come home and flop onto the couch and flip on Dr. Phil, it's time to establish a *new* habit...walk in the door and put on walking shoes. 

What worked for me was to designate early morning as MY exercise time.  It is sacred and very few things will usurp what that time is designated for. I began by designating a half hour, then over time, added to get to to at least an hour. 

Best of luck to you.  Give yourself a gift - start today! 

I will leave you with a thought...if you had (God forbid) a heart attack tomorrow, i wager you would make the time to recover and change your life. You would do whatever it took, right?  me too.  let's both cut to the chase scene and get moving.

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