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  • Comment by Sharon J. 3/12/08 12:26 pm
    Donna, my thoughts and prayers are with you tomorrow for your surgery. Just think, when you wake up from surgery, your life begins anew!! I wish you all the best. Hugs, Sharon
  • Comment by kimcrain 3/12/08 10:28 am
    Donna-Tomorrow is Your Big Day :) got you covered in prayer. and will be waiting to welcome you, over here on the loser's bench!! Best of wishes for a speedy recovery.
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Donnasu's Blog
Donnasu's Blog

7 month update

posted 10/13/08 12:51 am
Today I am 7 months out and just hit ONEderland this morning! I never posted on my 6 month date, so will update that now. My checkup went great, all my bloodwork was fine, cholesteral was a tad high, but Dr. L said he wouldn't treat it, asked my if I had been eating alot of shrimp (I had!).  Yes, so far, I am glad I did this, it had been an interesting ride. I can eat anything, just in small amounts, which is how I looked at this ride to begin with. Didn't want to be on "a diet" for the rest of my life, but I think I usually make pretty good choices. I do indulge in a treat now and then, but can only handle a couple bites, and that is all I need!
   I want to add that I have really enjoyed meeting everyone on the SH board, and it has been fun meeting at the support groups and occassionally dinner. They are a great bunch, and I have appreciated their support!  It has been nice being with a group that have been through the same thing I have, everyone knows what's going on and can relate to everything!
   Sometimes I say to myself "I really can't believe I did this to myself and took this step! It is a big decision to make, and it took me over three years of research to finally come to it! But I want to say I am glad I did!" 
    Will post a current photo this afternoon!

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